7 Dead Simple Ways to Bring People Back to Your Site | Increase Your Website Traffic

Have you noticed over 95% of your traffic and 90% if you're lucky, are brand new visitors? In other words, only 5 to 10% of your audience continually comes back. That sucks! But today, I'm going to share with you seven dead simple ways to bring people back to your site.






The first dead simple way is through remarketing campaigns.

Now remarketing campaigns means that you're going to have to spend money on ads to get people back to your site.

But think of it this way, if someone went all the way to your checkout page, or someone went all the way to your form field and didn't complete a lead, what do you think that person is? That person is super qualified to be a potential customer.

So why wouldn't you want to get them back to your site and convince them to convert? Now, I'm not saying you should just do an ad to anyone who visits your site.

Look at your checkout pages, your lead pages, any of the main pages that cause conversions. When you pixel those pages only and only have people who visit those pages see remarketing ads, not only will you get more people back to your site, but they're more likely to convert into a customer or a lead.

The second way to get people back to your site is through push notifications.

Leveraging push notifications is an easy way to get more traffic, and here's the beauty of it, push notifications have better open rates and click rates than emails.

It's much more effective and it's easier because people just have to click a button to subscribe, they don't have to put in an email or give you any of their personal information.

The third way that you get people to keep coming back is email campaigns based of the visitor's first intent.

So you're already collecting emails on your site, if you're not, you should.

Check out tools like Hello Bar, which allow you to collect emails. And you should check out tools like Mail Chimp, which allow you to send out emails for free. Collecting emails and sending out emails isn't the most effective way back to your site.

That's why people have terrible email open rates and terrible click rates. The key is to match the intent on why someone came back to your site with the email campaign.

For example, if someone came to my website to read an SEO article and I collected an email, when I email them back, I want to send them content information related to SEO.

That's a great way to get them back to the site. I don't necessarily want to send all my SEO people conversion articles and all my conversion article people who first came to my site SEO content.

It needs to be relevant. If someone's coming to you for traffic, send them traffic advice. They're coming to you for CRO advice, send them CRO. Now that's an example that works for me.

If it's not relevant to why they first landed on your site, it won't work well.

The fourth strategy I have for you is called Mobile Monkey.

Mobile Monkey is a Facebook Messenger tool. So you know with Facebook, they have Messenger, it's a great way to communicate.

And then that way, whenever you want to message them, tell them about a new article, you can get them to come back to your site with a click of a button, it's not hard. Your open rates and your click rates are amazing.

The fifth strategy I have is an exit pop-up, but hear me out, before you close this video. You're going to be like, "Exit pop-up, I don't like that, everyone uses them to collect emails."

I don't want you to use an exit pop-up to collect an email. I want you to use an exit pop-up to have people follow you on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever your favorite social site is, let them click with the click of a button and they can follow you on one of your favorite social profiles.

Six, run time-based events like webinars, contests, things that are time-sensitive that only last for a while.

I'm not talking about recorded webinars that last forever or contests that are never-ending, I'm talking about time-based stuff.

The reason time-based stuff is super important, the moment someone knows that something's available only for the next 24, 48 hours, they're more likely to act, they're more likely to click on that email, that push notification, that Facebook Messenger blast that you pushed out.

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      What’s the percentage of your traffic made of repeat visitors? Check your Google Analytics =) Share in the comments below.

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      A quick question from the last Masterclass.

      Does having many questions affect your FAQ results?

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        Test with 3-5 to start. If you are seeing good results there then try building out one more each time.

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      Neil, Thank You for all the information you offer. Just got one of my pages ranked in Google in the #4 rank. Looking forward to adding some of these methods to get repeat visitors

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      When you do the Push, do you introduce your products rights away? Or do you give them more content… When do you throw offers at them about your product.

    12. Christian Lecuyer August 29, 2019 at 7:44 pm #

      I use CartFlows to bring people back to my site, it’s a WP plugin
      Great info Neil 🙂

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      Useful retargeting tips , Neil

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      What should I use for an exit pop up?

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