Advanced Growth Tactics – Steal The Top-Performing Tech Companies’ Best-Kept Secrets

Today's the last lesson of Growth Hacking Unlocked. And I'm going to be covering Advanced Growth Tactics. It's never too late to start. Whether you're trying to start a business, or do marketing or grow faster, it really is never too late. And in this lesson as I mentioned in the previous lessons where I covered psychology, technology, today is all about marketing.

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And I wanted to go over a few case studies with you and give you some worksheets. That way that you can implement everything that you've learned.

The first case study I want to talk about is Procter & Gamble. If you aren't familiar with Proctor & Gamble, you're familiar with a lot of their brands, such as Tide. They own over 22 brands with over a billion plus dollars in annual sales and another 19 brands that generate about 500 million or more in annual sales. How long has Tide been a top brand? Well seventy five plus years. Just think about that, seventy five plus years.

What they ended up learning is you need to stay focused on your marketing priorities. You don't want to get distracted by every new shiny object, whatever's working for you focus more and more on that and double down. They use the same framework, the same formulas, to build all their brands.

In essence what works for one can work for others and if it does just keep replicating especially if they're in similar industries. You probably have marketing that has worked for you in the past that you've abandoned. I want you to go back and redeploy those tactics. And if you do that, you should see more growth.

Another case study I want to talk about is Nike. Nike you have, they have that famous slogan, Just Do It. And the Just Do It campaign allowed Nike to increase its share of North America domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%. From 877 million to 9.2 billion in worldwide sales.

Another case study I want to break down is Facebook. Facebook, with their growth team, they helped them reach a billion users. That's massive for a social site. And they focused on acquisition, activation, engagement and viralality. And they realized that if you get any individual in, seven friends, in 10 days they're going to keep using Facebook. And that was their single focus at Facebook.

And growth was the only thing they spoke about at Facebook for three years, every meeting, all the time and the rest is history. Facebook is a massive company. They own WhatsApp, they own Instagram.

Just implement one step at a time by working with this course, the workbooks, the assets that I have given to you over time. And if you implement them, such as shooting a video like I talked about in the previous lesson, or, you know doing some guest posting, or blogging, or podcasting, just the possibilities are endless.

You don't have to have a ton of money to succeed. If you do have a budget, you can hire a team of writers to scale up your content production that are freelancers, or you can write yourself, or you can end up getting interns to help you, or you can even work with the ad agency like mine, Neil Patel Digital or also known as NP Digital for short.

One thing that you'll find which can lead to massive growth is your brand, and it matters more than ever, brand queries affect rankings. Everyone talks about how you need links to boost rankings but very few people talk about brand queries.

And the more people that search for your brand such as Nike, or BMW, or Proctor & Gamble, the higher rankings tend to be over time.

Another one I have for you is on tools and scripts. You can download this at and then go to Growth Hacking Unlocked again and same with case studies, market data, fields reports, you can find it at the same place.

In essence, in summary, if you really want to do well in this course make sure you listen to the lessons again anytime you get stuck and just make sure you follow the lessons, the worksheets the handouts.

You don't have to spend more than an hour a week, just going through some of this stuff can really get your team going. I want to congratulate you, I'm really proud of you for finishing this course. You have learned a very valuable skill set.

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      Is Neil Patel legit?????

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      Is Neil Patel legit????
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      Understanding your competitors tactics is very important, as we digital marketer steel profitable keywords of our competitors to rank higher.

      I enjoyed the module from beginning to end. It was goldmine of amazing business strategies.❤️

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