How to Collaborate with Other Creators – The Beginner’s Guide – The Income Stream Day #154

The #1 way to grow your audience is to get in front of audiences that already exist, and the best way to do that is to collaborate. To be able to work together with another person or brand, and help each other out in the process.

-But, how do we do this, especially if we're just starting out or a smaller brand?
-How do we reach out to someone and get them interested in working with us?
-How do we maximize the time we have together when collaborating?

All this and more in today's Income Stream!

(On the Thumbnail, Sean Cannell from @ThinkMedia and I are collaborating at Social Media Marketing World in early 2020)

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      how can i get a smart passive hat?

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      #teamreplay – Good ol’ Internet was down for the morning. Great topic, Pat.

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