How to Generate Leads When You Have Little to No Traffic

When you have a website that generates dozens and thousands of visitors a month, it's easy to generate leads. What happens if you have little to no traffic to your website? How do you generate leads? Today I want to teach you how to generate leads when you have little to no traffic.


So here are some strategies on how to gain more leads with little traffic.

First, create lead magnets and promote them.

I know that you're starting off in a business, you may not have a ton of money to use for promotion. However, it is important to create some brand awareness through promotion. It'll pay off in the long run if you're doing this strategically.

By investing in a lead magnet, by building solid content and awareness while also creating an email list, this will allow you to begin another successful form of marketing, which is email marketing.

And what ends up happening is by getting people on your email list, you can continually remarket to them, build that trust and generate sales. According to HubSpot, 99% of consumers check their email every day. And over 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI.

So there are a few types of lead magnets that you can create.

An eBook, quizzes or polls, infographic, webinars, demos, contests, free trials, special offers, literally the list is never-ending. If you think it provides value to a user, then great, you're doing well. Now you can promote these lead magnets in a few ways.

You can use Google AdWords to promote them, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads. You can also just share them on your social profiles, and that'll also get you some love, and get you some leads if you don't have any money to spend.

Next, I want you to link your lead magnets and your content.

Creating content in your site is a must in today's digital marketing landscape. However, the goal of your content isn't just to get people to read your site. It's also to collect leads and generate sales. So why not link to your lead magnet within your content at the top, within your article, and at the end of your article?

Have calls to action in your blog posts.

Most people don't do this and this is a free way to gain leads as long as your content is very valuable and your following basic SEO guidelines. See the key is, that lead magnet needs to be related to that piece of content that you just wrote. If it's not, it won't do well.

Next, I want you to use strong verbs and write powerful headlines to attract attention.

If you want to create a lasting impression in your writing, you have to draw attention to verbs. Your headline should evoke curiosity, and persuade people to click.

If you can craft a great headline, you'll not only generate targeted leads, but there's a possibility that your search rankings will improve tremendously as well. Because remember, eight out of ten people read a headline, but only two out of ten will click through and read the rest.

So if your headline's appealing and more people click it, it sends user signals to Google that you should be ranking higher, especially if more people are clicking on your listing versus the listing that's ranking above you.

CityCliq tested four different versions of their webpage using different headlines, and they found that the one with the verb outperformed and generated a 90% increase in conversion rates. That's the power of verbs.

Even ClickFlow which is a tool that helps you A/B test headlines found that having verbs in your headlines also generates more clicks.

So you may be wondering how to find great titles. Well, an easy way to do this is type in whatever keyword or industry that you're going after within Ubersuggest. When you do this, within the content ideas report, you'll see a list of all the headlines that other people are releasing out there. It ranks them based on social shares, backlinks, and search traffic.

Social shares mean that people are taking their time and sharing that article on the social web. And of course, estimated visits or share traffic means that Google loves it as well.

Now the last tip I have for you if you're looking to generate more leads and you barely have any traffic, I want you to do one really simple thing.

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    1. niand01 March 14, 2020 at 12:13 am #

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    2. Online Visually, leads that call or message you! March 14, 2020 at 1:17 am #

      Neil it’s 2025. You’re off by 5 years. Looking forward to your video. 🙂

    3. MautakPH March 14, 2020 at 11:26 am #

      hey neil i use ubersuggest but it show me english keyword only !!! i want to rank in my langauge .. thank you

    4. Tyler March 14, 2020 at 2:07 pm #

      amazing video you deserve more views

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      Love u Neil from india

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      Amazing Neil. Thanks a billion

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      it’s like you knew – I needed this. Thanks.

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      Great Content Neil. I learn a lot from you guy.

    9. SEO Tools TV March 14, 2020 at 2:33 pm #

      I always hear similar questions from my clients.
      For example, my season will start in 15 days – I need SEO traffic where no content and no links.
      Or I’m going to launch my website in seven days – can we get sales in the next month because I need to pay expenses and salaries for my team.
      Guys, if you have no organic reach, then you should be patient.
      There are no techniques that provide fast traffic because of the level of competition with 1,7 billion websites.
      Pay attention to other marketing channels if you need fast traffic and sales. SEO is a long game.
      Just one more notice, other channels, e.g., PPC, email, social media, forums, freelance platforms, demand a lot of time, as well. It’s essential to test a lot and provide high-quality valuable content, as well.
      BTW, I got my first 1,000 subscribers.
      Many people told me that it’s impossible with your Ukrainian accent. Luckily, I never listen to them. )
      I’m going to continue growing by working super hard.

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        well done!

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      Thanks Neil. Stay safe out there

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      Good tips, luckily I’m already doing this, hope my book launch goes well.

      Question: I have 2 free PDFs one is a crash course and the other is a quiz, should I combine them into 1 PDF? or keep separate?

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      Neil Patel , you are Gujarati. Do you know Gujarati? Do you speak ever???Kem cho???

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      Just wondering why all of the articles on your blogs don’t have a “published at” date or updated date.

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      The sensational headlines are going to desensitized people at some point.

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      Niel, How many days is best to run a giveaway with an influncers to squeeze emails out of his followers on Instagram

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