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Today is another day of SEO Unlocked. Now, we're going to dive into the advanced parts of content marketing. So this week's going to be really fun. This week, we're going to get into the advanced elements as well as writing content that you could be publishing on your own website.

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When you're creating content, there are many different content types out there and you need to make sure that you master each and every single one because different ones can be used for different things. Some are better for selling, some are better for getting traffic, some are better for getting backlinks. And I want to go over some of the main content types of pieces that I use to generate more traffic.

The first one is the list. You can do list in a unique way in which when you're going through it, you can integrate it in a conversational type, and here's the example of someone doing that.

Another content type, this is one of my favorites as well, infographics. You can do it on any subject, any topic. But the key with infographics is not to abuse it. A lot of people go out there and be like, oh this infographic on computers will do really well.

Next type of content, social media. Depending on the social platform, the type of content that they accept is going to vary largely and a lot of the content that you see on these social platforms that you can also use even on your own website is video.

Video is the biggest booming content out there that is going to be more and more popular throughout the next coming year. It's that powerful.

There are also podcasts as well. You don't get as many people to attend a webinar because it takes more time commitment from them, but they're super engaged and they're much more likely to convert into a paying customer. Tools are one of the best forms of content marketing and it is my favorite, it actually produces a better ROI.

Checklist, people love having a sense of accomplishment and you can give them that with a checklist. So you can create a blog post that has eight steps or seven steps or ten steps and people can go through them step by step.

But when you're doing content, there is a secret sauce and most people don't talk about it. It really comes down to these 10 commandments of content outlines. If you follow these ten steps, you're much more likely to produce content that hits and gets traffic because no matter what people tell you about content marketing, there is no guarantee that if someone or you publish a blog post and write one, that it's going to hit.

So the first one is word count.

The second thing is the tone.

The introduction is super important.

I also love asking readers questions in my introductions because it creates engagement and it creates that bond between me and the reader.

So by using words that are very descriptive, it allows me to help paint that picture for the individual.

Another way and this generates a lot of sales is through pre-selling.

Then you get into the trigger section.

You also want to cover the subtle musketeer intent.

Then number nine, we get into personalization. You need to add in your own opinion, your own voice, your own flavor, you're on the slant, your stories.

Then of course, last, but not least, there is the source material.

This is where you cite all the references, all the data that you're using. That way people can see you as an expert. If you're using stats and data, don't just make them up. If you're getting them from other places, don't steal them either, cite them.

And if you don't know how to find the source data, we covered this last week. Where you just Google for any term that you're looking for information on and then you type in data at the end or statistics.

So I'm a type in, SEO space statistics or SEO data and you'll end up finding a lot of sites that have stats and data that you can end up citing, assuming it's relevant to the article that you're publishing.

So last action steps, I want you to download the ten commandments of the count outlines. Then, I want you to create your first outline. And then, I want you to review your competitors' content with these commandments in mind.

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