The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing

A lot of people tell me hey, Neil, I can see Ubersuggest has some tons of really cool data, and interesting features to grow my website and traffic, but how do I use it? How do I get the most out of it so I can get more traffic, create more content, and rank higher on Google? Today I'm going to give you The Definitive Guide to Ubersuggest for SEO and Content Marketing.


The first feature within Ubersuggest that I want to go over is the Keyword Overview section.

So the Keyword Overview section gives you data on any keyword that you're looking for information on. The reason I love this is you can put in a keyword, it'll tell you the volume, the CPC, SEO difficulty, the paid difficulty, it even shows you how many links you need to roughly rank in the top 10.

What's unique about Ubersuggest is it shows you how many people are searching for the keyword on a mobile device versus desktop device. It even tells you how many people click on the SEO results versus paid results, versus not clicking at all. It even tells you the age demographic information on what's the age range of the people that are searching for this query.

Now, if you dive into the Keyword Ideas Report, this will give you a laundry list of suggestions related to all the terms that you're researching.

It tells you how difficult those keywords are to rank for, who's ranking for them on the right side, how many links they have, how many social shares they have, it tells you everything you know to see if you could rank for that keyword, or it's going to be hard or easy.

Now, the next report that I love, and this one's not used enough by people, but I would recommend you start spending more time here. If you start typing in specific keywords, the Content Ideas Report will tell you all the popular blog posts that are popular based on that topic.

And it doesn't just break it down on social shares. It breaks down by social shares, backlinks, and estimated traffic. And when you go down and click on the backlinks or the estimated traffic, it shows you all the keywords that that blog post ranks for, the position, the term, and even from the backlinks, when you click down on to View All, it'll show you every single site and the anchor tags that's linking to that article.

But the Content Ideas Report will show you what's popular, and just outdo them, create something that's 10 times better.

Now, the next section of Ubersuggest is Traffic Analyzer.

You can put in any domain name like, and it'll show you the traffic that that site's getting from Google over time. Now, what's interesting about this report is, not only does it show you the traffic over time, it shows you how many keywords that site ranks for over time as well.

Now, if you scroll down, you can click to Top Pages. Top Pages will show you any of the top pages on any given domain name. You can click to see the keywords that someone ranks for each of those pages, right? because it gives you estimated visits, and when you click to View All, you'll see all the keywords.

Same goes for the backlinks, you can see all the backlinks, and the keywords that any given page ranks for, and you can keep going to next page to next page, and see all the pages on any given domain name.

There's also the Keywords Report in the Traffic Analyzer. If you put in a domain name, it'll show you all the keywords that a URL ranks for.

Now, the next area of Ubersuggest is the Site Audit Report. You can put in a URL, and it'll tell you all the SEO issues of the site. It breaks down, in the recommendations area, based on errors and recommendations, what you should focus on. It puts the stuff at the top that will have the highest impact and is the easiest to implement.

Now, the last section of Ubersuggest is the Backlink Report.

Put in the domain name, it'll show you the backlink growth over time. Heck, it'll even tell you each of the links for that page, or that whole domain.

The dashboard allows you to add a project. This allows you to track your SEO progress. Is your traffic going on, is it going down?

It even tracks your rankings on a daily basis and tells you are your rankings going up or down, and it sends you a report. It even crawls your website for SEO errors on a weekly basis and tells you what you need to fix. And it even looks at your competition and tells you if you're doing better than them, or worse than them.

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    1. Wayne Fonseca March 2, 2020 at 3:03 pm #

      Awesome, going to learn and use

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      *Awesome dear brother goodinformation always God bless you and be happy always dear brother*

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      Valuable inventory: Scraped content I am and getting this alert when applying for blogger Adsense. I don’t even have any copy post. please help

    4. Shelly Hopkins March 2, 2020 at 3:11 pm #

      Great video, I always use it for my YouTube videos!

      • George Munuka March 2, 2020 at 5:19 pm #

        How does it work for YouTube?

    5. Tamal Plays March 2, 2020 at 3:18 pm #

      please make it free 🙁

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      Hek: ubersuggest is no more free.

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        Yes… He said it is going to be free…. But not… Just a another way to make money…hats off

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        So sad

    7. Timothy Maggenti March 2, 2020 at 3:52 pm #

      I have been looking for this since I signed up to ubersuggest. Thank you very much. You should link this video from ubersuggest in the menu, under help or something. Great job especially for a 6 minute video.

    8. Frank C March 2, 2020 at 3:59 pm #

      Hello Neil, thank you for all the help, because it says this in Ubersuggest, you have 4 steps left to increase your SEO traffic and those 4 steps are thanks, thanks

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      Hey Neil, which laptop do you use?

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      Thanks Neil, it will be good if there is a possibility to check, analyze, etc. a specific page not only the main domain, in all features we can only check the main domain, sometimes or often :0) we need to check a specific page directly.

    11. Game Tekkit March 2, 2020 at 5:35 pm #

      What about those websites which are ranking on top 5 position with some crapy links and getting 600k monthly traffic…. Can google take those websites down…. I am writing content and good content and ranking on 2nd page for one of my website….. It very difficult to understand google algorithm…. I think We are just puppet of google…

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      There’s no comparison on this video, it is just simply GREAT!

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      Hi Neil, it’d be great if we could pay Ubersuggest through Paypal

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      Thank you Neil. Can Ubersuggest be used for searching keywords for YouTube?

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