You Will NEVER Rank For These Types of Keywords (STOP Setting Yourself Up For Failure!)

If you do this, you'll set yourself up for SEO failure. Today I'm going to break down how you'll never rank for specific types of keywords and how to stop setting yourself up for failure.


Look, it's tempting to go after high volume keywords. Those are the keywords that everyone wants rank for, credit cards, auto insurance, you know, SEO, online marketing, dog food, but those keywords, more often than not, have really high search difficulty.

Look, the basic requirements to rank for these keywords is you need a lot of high quality backlinks and a high domain authority. This won't be achieved by a small website, or a new website, or even if you've just been doing SEO for a short period of time, even if your website is really, really old. You need a few years to reach that level to go after some of these big keywords. And even for some of them, it takes way more than a few years.

By the time you've accomplished that, you've already grown even more and your competitors have even grown even more than that, so then it just becomes harder and harder, because as you're ready to target some of those high authority keywords, your competitors will likely grow, so it's a really bad approach.

So what I want you to do to find the right long-tail variations, and this is going to be a really short tutorial video, because I just want you to go and do this tactic. If you do it, you'll do really well.

Type in the keywords that you want to go after. You already know the head terms, SEO, or dog food, or credit cards, whatever it may be. Type it into Ubersuggest. Go to the Keyword Ideas list. When you go to the Keyword Ideas list, or keyword ideas report, it'll show you all the keywords that are related to that phrase. It'll show you based on questions, comparisons, related keywords, ideas, and all this will then end up saying, "Hey, now you got a list of maybe 500 keywords, 1,000 keywords, sometimes, in many cases, Ubersuggest, "We'll show you literally up to a million keywords," but you don't have the time to filter all of those keywords.

Look to see for that button that shows you which keywords you can actually rank on page one for. Click on that keyword ideas report and then put in your URL. It'll then filter all the keywords that you have a possibility to rank for today, not next month, not six months from now, not in a year from now, but literally today. Those are the keywords that you want to go after first, and I want you to go and create content around those keywords.

Now that you have a list, I want you to group them. So let's say I'm creating an article on SEO. I may see some keywords on on-page SEO, some about backlinks, some about site speed, and you want to group them together. So group all the keywords related to one specific topic, like in my case, on on-page SEO, group them together, group the other keywords related to backlinks together, group the third category related to site speed together.

I may even group another keyword related to, let's say content creation, and you can find different groups. And once you have that group, go and create an article around that topic, and create article that's better than your competitor's. I'm not saying that you need more words on a page, or you need more visual images, or include videos.

What you want to do to figure out how to create a better article than your competitors is take those keywords within that group and Google them.

Once you've done that, I want you to take all the people that already have articles relate to those keywords, take their URLs and put it into the backlinks report in Ubersuggest. That'll show you all the people linking to your competitors.

Hit up each and every single one of those websites linking to your competitors and ask them to link to you. And do a customized email. Tell them how your article's better, more in depth, what you offer that the competitors didn't, why it benefits their audience linking to you over the competitors. And when you do that, a portion of those people will link back to you.

And the key is to hit up the people linked to your competitors, because you already know that they're linked to others in your space. When you do this, you're more likely to rank and do better, and then eventually you'll build up the authority, and then you can go after the head terms.

You just have to be patient and follow the steps, and that's how you're going to rank really well today, and not wait six months to a year.

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      Awesome. This is what every beginner must understand bu they don’t. Even I was making this mistake on the earlier site.

      Now I found this formula to go for long tail only and it makes our day.

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      High-value video. Awesome!

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      And you are also right about great content. Even I don’t care if the search volume is just 10. I always go for awesome piece. The reason is that any keyword traffic can increase over time but if you lost user trust, you will never that back.

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