Email Marketing Secrets – Here’s What’s Working in 2022

Email marketing secrets, here's what's working in 2022. In the marketing world, there is a virtual ATM. You know those machines that you go to and take out money? You put in a card, put in your pin, and cha-ching, you're getting money out of your bank account. But on the internet, your email list is considered an ATM. Every time you need more income, all you have to do is send out an email. And I didn't come up with this concept.

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Tip number one, scrub your list. This is how I get my open rates above 30%. When you keep sending emails to people and they don't open it up, what do you think Gmail and Hotmail do? They put it in the spam box. Even if the person hasn't clicked spam, they put it in the spam box. So to avoid your emails going to the spam box like when I send you an email, you're reading them, you're getting them.

Tip number two, use casual subject lines. It usually increases open rates by 12% from my test. In other words, if someone was really proper with their subject lines.

Tip three, use your email list to get followers on your social platforms. This will help with the rule of seven. See in marketing, there's something called the rule of seven. When someone sees or interacts with your brand seven times, they're much more likely to evangelize you. It helps you build that brand and just helps you grow. By doing this, you'll get more followers on all your networks, more engagement. You'll continually be in front of people and you can continually promote to them.

Tip number four, follow up when people add stuff to their cart, but don't complete. This usually reduces abandonment cart rates by up to 18% by one simple email for example, "Hey John, I noticed you added this toilet paper. "It's almost out of stock, there's only two more. "Check it out." Probably doesn't work as well with toilet paper but it could work with t-shirts or scooters or bikes or whatever you're selling.

Tip five, keep your emails short and to the point. We found that short emails that are under 200 words tend to have a higher click-through rate by seven to 38%. That's a massive difference. So instead of having really long emails, keep them short and to the point.

Tip six, send your emails early in the mornings. We found that when you send your emails around 6 a.m. for the time zone that your subscribers are in, you have a better chance of having your emails opened up because when they wake up and check their email inbox, you'll be at the top versus being at the bottom. If you're at the bottom, they go through a lot of at the top and then they don't keep going and then they're done. So send them out early in your time zone. We usually find that 6 a.m. works the best.

Tip seven, add value even when you are selling, it just creates better customers. There's a site called Legion Athletics. And what Legion is, it's a fitness supplement brand. They generate a lot of their revenue through emails, more than 10%. And the way they do this is they don't just sell you protein powder or supplements, they also show you how to best use them, the best workout routines and how you can get fit, better and healthier all while taking their products.

Tip eight, resend to unopens. This typically adds an extra 8% to your open rate. I do this all the time. If I send out a hundred thousand emails and only 25,000 or 30,000 open them, I know that I can get roughly another 8,000 to open up the emails if I resend to all the unopens and I change the subject line. The key is change the subject line. If you don't change the subject line, it doesn't work as well.

Tip nine, add countdown timers within your emails. And I've seen this increase sales by roughly 19% the last few times that I did it. Now you only want to do this when you're selling something and it's a promo and it actually is running out.

So I wouldn't put a countdown timer in my email if the promo lasts forever, but if the promo lasts for 24 hours, I would add that countdown timer to the email because it works.

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