Get More Traffic Now: Insider Tips for Success

Ready to boost your online presence? From optimizing your website for search engines to leveraging social media and creating engaging content, Neil & Kate Kordsmeir cover all the essential strategies for attracting and retaining visitors.


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The reason I love SEO is it allows the little guy, the little man, the little woman, whatever you want to call it, and when I mean little, I'm not talking about size wise, I'm talking about dollar wise. people who don't have tons of money, it allows them to compete with the big corporations without the same firing power. Just thinking of it like David versus Goliath. These big corporations, a lot of 'em don't have, thousands of dollars of ad spend, they have millions and in some cases billions, right? Billions is more rare, but a lot of 'em have millions, some even hundreds of millions of dollars. And how do you compete with them? SEO can continually get you traffic, it's your 24 hour salesman, even when you're sleeping, and when you get the results, a lot of it takes, it's from time and effort versus money spent. And yes, it takes longer to achieve the results, but once you get them, it can really change your business overnight.

The problem with social media is the algorithms change all the time, it can really hurt you, the reach is continuously dying unless you spend more and more money. with SEO you create amazing content, you get that evergreen traffic. With social media, you create content, you get that hit for the first 24, 48 hours, unless you produce another hit, you're not going to see much love from social media unless you spend that money on advertising.

For some trends in SEO for 2023, the first one is a lot of business owners focus on content, when it comes to SEO traffic, 'cause the more words you have, the better off you're going to be. I'm assuming they're high quality, pieces of content, sure. But the problem with content is there's so much content on every single topic, it actually is harder to get rankings and traffic now than it was five, 10 years ago or even two years ago. You search for any term like auto insurance, there'll be a billion plus results. But people are only clicking on the first 10, right? Page one of Google, maybe page two, so you're looking at 20 out of a billion plus results. Now, to get a lot of traffic, you also need links. So no matter how many pieces of content you create, if you don't have that many links, it's going to be hard for you to also rank well. One way to generate the links is actually by releasing a free tool. So there's free tools that you can pop on your website for any sector. We have SEO tools and marketing tools and AB testing tools on our website and calculators. And you can go to sites like and find tools in any space, like accountability calendar, I don't know, I'm making this up. You can figure out what it is, you can spend 10 to 50 bucks, they'll give you a white label version that you can put on your website, claim it as your own 'cause you're paying for it, and they allow this and you'll notice that over time, it'll produce a lot of natural links, which will help your rankings drastically.

People tend to link to tools more than they link to content. So if you have great tools on your website, you'll naturally get links. These links help your overall site rank higher, makes your tools rank higher, makes your homepage rank higher, makes your content pages rank higher because Google will look at the overall authority of your website.

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