How to Monetize Your Blog Without Destroying Your User Experience

How to Monetize Your Blog Without Destroying Your User Experience // Everything thinks that monetizing your blog, making money from it, monetizing your site, just reduces your user experience. It crushes it. So much so that they're like, "oh no, no one's going to come back to my site." That's not true. Today I'm going to teach you how to monetize your blog without destroying your user experience.

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The first tip I have for you is to avoid having too many banner ads.

Look, if you have one or two banner ads, and they're relevant, that's not an issue. Limit the banner experience to one or two per page. Don't do more than that, because then it just becomes a site full of ads instead of text.

The reason most people have banner blindness is that all the ads they see are irrelevant.

So, if you want to do really well, make sure your ads are relevant.

Only have a few per page and not many more than that.

The second tip I have for you is pop-ups don't convert well for sales, but they can work well for emails.

So if you're trying to monetize your site, a lot of people are like, "oh let me just do pop-ups and get people to buy my product or service right then and there in the pop-up." It's very rare that pop-ups generate a lot of sales directly. Indirectly, though, they generate a lot of emails.

The third tip I have for you retarget your users with relevant based offers.

What you'll find is a lot of companies will pay you money, not only to put their ad on your site, but to show your users their products and services. So you can remarket. You can do a deal with these companies.

Now, there is a caveat with this. You want to make sure your privacy policy and terms of service, I know a lot of countries don't care, but I recommend that you be very transparent and you let people know in your privacy policy and your terms of service what you're doing and that you're also monetizing by remarketing to those people, other people's products and services within your space.

You can also do this with your own products and services as well.

So that way you don't have to blanket your own site with tons of ads for your own products or services. But I do recommend that you put that in your privacy policy and terms of service. That way people know what you're doing.

And then once you're getting sales from that, you should consider creating custom audiences. You could do this on tools like Facebook.

Google has something similar as well. And this allows them to show you other relevant users who are very similar to the ones that already bought and converted from you.

The fourth tip I have is only present really highly relevant offers. The moment you just go out there with all the ad networks, and you put these irrelevant offers and services and ads in front of your audience, you're going to lose their trust.

Last but not least, before I wrap over this video, I want to go over some unique monetization methods that you're probably not leveraging that work well, that aren't spammy, and they tend to make way more money than just putting ads on your site.

First, create a info product. Example of this is Pat Flynn's Power-Up Podcasting course. It's a great way to learn podcasting. His audience loves it, and he can sell it and make good money.

A second monetization offer which works very well is coaching offers. You see a ton of examples from Mike Matthews from Legion Athletics, all the way to the Rush Raffinose. They all do coaching. It works extremely well.

The third thing you could do is gate content. You go to, you'll notice that they have exclusive content. You've got to pay money for that. Whether it's monthly fee or a yearly fee, it works well.

The fourth example, build a freemium tool. If you're in the weight loss category, you can do a daily calorie consumption calculator, and then upsell them into a diet app.

Last but not least, speaking gigs. I got to a conference, you see me on stage. Sometimes I do speak for free. That's actually very, very rare. In almost all cases, I can get 25 grand on the low end to 50 grand in most cases just for an hour speech. I And that's an easy way to make money.

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