I’m Talking With Brendon Burchard LIVE On Creating Lasting Behavior CHANGE

Want to create behavior CHANGE that ‘sticks’ long-term? Join me LIVE with BRENDON BURCHARD (one of our Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers!)

Brendon Burchard is the world’s #1 high performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed motivational speakers in history. Success Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine, named him one of the most influential leaders in personal growth. Forbes named him the world’s leading high performance coach. Larry King named him the world’s top motivational trainer.

As entrepreneurs, we’re often filled with BIG goals and dreams. But in order for your business to CHANGE and grow, it usually requires YOU to change and develop as well. You need to change your way of thinking, your behaviors, and your actions. So HOW do you do it? How do you create Human Behavior CHANGE in a way that sticks long-term?

That’s what I want to open the discussion on in this LIVE interview! It’s a big topic to unpack, so we’ll start the discussion during this interview, and then in his presentation at Funnel Hacking LIVE, Brendon will share the secrets behind why people fail to change, and why some start, but their new behaviors fade, and they can’t seem to “keep at it”. And he’ll share how not only YOU can achieve true long-lasting change, but also how to use the same knowledge in your marketing to help your CLIENTS get results as well!

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