Join Me & Stu McLaren LIVE To Talk About Recurring Income With MEMBERSHIPS!

Want to turn the expertise you ALREADY have…into RECURRING income? Join me for a fun LIVE interview with Stu McLaren – one of our Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers!

Stu is an entrepreneur and Membership Expert, and founder of the non-profit organization, Village Impact. For the past 12 years, he has worked closely with tens of thousands of authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and business owners to transform what they already have expertise in (and are passionate about) into RECURRING revenue.

Many marketers often wonder, “How can I earn MORE income from what I’m doing?” or “How do I get MORE customers/members?” or “How do I get them to actually STICK for a longer period of time?”

During this interview, I can't wait to hear more details on Stu's journey to success, and have him share how he discovered the special membership funnel he teaches/uses to get the MOST members the fastest… With this funnel, you can turn what you ALREADY know into recurring revenue through a PAID membership. Then, on stage at FHL, he’ll go deeper into the detailed framework and process behind how his membership funnel works!

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