Jon Me LIVE With Garrett J White To Discuss The Entrepreneur’s ‘CALLING’!

Ever feel like things have to be ‘PERFECT’ in order to go after your ‘calling’? Join me LIVE with TRANSFORMATION coach (and 8X Funnel Hacking LIVE speaker) – GARRETT J WHITE!

Garrett is the founder of the Wake Up Warrior movement, and transformational coach for thousands of men. He is the only speaker (other than Russell and Todd) to present at Funnel Hacking LIVE each year. For so many entrepreneurs, they look to others who are achieving GREAT success…and only see the END result. They see Garrett’s many awards, his invitations to speak on stage, and his booming coaching business. But what most people NEVER see is the journey it took Garrett to get there.

Garrett started with nothing but a CALLING to help other men. He created the ‘Wake Up Warrior’ movement, and started very small. The more he kept doing his small Warrior events, the more he found his VOICE. He got better with the process, and his business grew!

Once his business started reaching exciting milestones, that’s what people saw! But even after his business began having success, it still didn’t mean his life was PERFECT. His marriage was falling apart, and he was still facing new challenges in his business. But he still felt ‘called’. He still saw the path for his business, so he kept going.

The truth is, you don’t have to be PERFECT to be ‘CALLED’. That’s what Garrett and I are going to touch on today…and then he’ll walk you through the EVOLUTION of his systems and frameworks on stage at FHL, and what happened during each important phase of his business that led to his growth!

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