Special LIVE Interview With Mark Joyner – My FIRST BUSINESS MENTOR!

Join me for a very special LIVE interview with LEGENDARY marketer (and Funnel Hacking LIVE speaker) – MARK JOYNER!

Mark (A.K.A. The Father Of Digital Marketing) is an entrepreneur and author of over a dozen books – 4 of which were #1 Bestsellers! He started the FIRST ebook publishing company, was the inventor of the TRACKING pixel, AND started the first online ad tracking company. AND, he was the first to use one-click upsells and funnels in digital marketing!

Many Funnel Hackers know that Dan Kennedy is one of my heroes and mentors. (He was the mentor that helped me take my internet business and scale it.) But BEFORE Dan…Mark Joyner was my FIRST mentor who helped start my internet business! At the time, I was in college, and Mark was retiring from the world of internet marketing. So I bought his ‘Farewell Package’ with the last $1,000 that I had. I listened to Mark’s course again and again. That’s how I went from having NO money to getting my business started online!

I’m so excited to introduce you to my FIRST business mentor, and revisit some of the fun stories from when I was just getting started online! And more importantly, I can’t wait for Mark to share more with you about the ‘INTEGRATION marketing’ strategy that he’ll be speaking on at FHL 2022, so you can learn how to weave your business into other people’s sales funnels! That way, every time someone else’s funnel gains a new customer, that customer becomes YOURS as well!

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