The Social Network That Will Explode in 2020 – Should You Leverage It?

The Social Network That Will Explode in 2020 – Should You Leverage It? | Do you feel like the most popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram are oversaturated? Has your reach gone down, your engagement almost disappeared? Well, there's a new social network in town that's been growing really fast since 2017. And in some months, its app is downloaded more than Facebook and Instagram. It may not be the best option for you to leverage, or it could be. And I'm going to break down whether it is or it isn't for you.
Today,I'm going to discuss the social network that'll explode in 2020. And the real question is, should you leverage it?

TikTok –
Messenger –
ByteDance –

The Wall Street Journal said TikTok is the third most installed app worldwide. It has 1.2 billion monthly users globally.

That's the most downloaded app on the App Store worldwide for first quarter of 2019, followed by YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The Wall Street Journal also reported that the average user spends 45 minutes on that app daily.

ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, spent roughly $1 billion in ads, as much as $3 million a day in the last year. Much of that for ads has appeared on traditional social networks, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The first thing you should look at is, is my audience there? You're going to observe the same thing happening with other social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

First, the dominant demographic is young people. Then, it expands into other age groups and demographics. Depending on your audience and demographics, it may not work for you, at least for now. In other words, if you're going after the younger demographic, then right now it can work for you. If you're going after the older demographic, then you're going to have to wait a bit.

Secondly, if being first has always been your competitive advantage, then it may be worth getting on right now. It's impossible to tell whether or not it'll take off for all demographics, for all groups, or if it's going to be an extremely popular social network three years from now.

But the trend has been showing that it is growing. So if your competitive advantage is to be the first mover, then I would recommend that you go in there and you start taking advantage. because typically when you get in there early, it's much easier to gain traction, get those followers, get more traffic, and leverage that audience. And you can do it for pennies on the dollar.

The third thing you need to look at is, are you able to create the kind of content that people on this platform like? The app's short-form video format lends itself to humor and anything that's a lightning fast visual storytelling. If you have long-form video content, doesn't really work well for this app.

Humor out of everything that I've tested or even sarcasm tends to do well. It won't be easy for you to repurpose content from other channels unless this is your natural brand of voice. See, if you look at me, my video content is more serious, educational.

I can't just go on TikTok and produce, take the same video I'm doing for YouTube or Facebook or Instagram and then pop it onto TikTok. I would have to create all new content again. But then on the flip side, you see people like the Pauls, right, Logan and Jake Paul. Their content could work extremely well for TikTok without them having to create new content. In other words, they could potentially repurpose.

The fourth thing you want to consider, if you're one of those people that loves playing it safe, you'll want to wait a bit and see whether or not TikTok will become mainstream.

If time's a commodity, then you can't risk spending tons of time doing this, you know, leveraging TikTok, building that audience, and then find out that it won't take off. I'm one of those people, in which, although I love being early, I can't always afford to be fully in it.

So sometimes with me, I may spend a little bit of time on there, but I won't go full-fledge unless I know the platform's going to take off. Look at my Instagram account. Sure, I was on Instagram early, but I didn't spend a lot of time there until I knew it was going to blow up.

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        Rahul Raj Swarnkar Same here. Every body talking bout TikTok

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      Hey Neil, I said last time FB and Instagram will go down in coming year. Few more social networks are coming up. Instagram is surely going down in a year or so.

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      Thank you Neil…You’re the best!

    9. Anand J - Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship November 30, 2019 at 5:17 pm #

      I’m experimenting with TikTok myself. In terms of organic reach, I’m getting over 100 views without any followers, which is rare.

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      i will never ever gonna even install tik tok..

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      I asked you yesterday. thanks for the video.

      “Thank you man for your content. I follow you on all social media. The Tik Tok app already has 1.5 Bi download and 500M active users. It is the fastest growing social media in the world. Q1 2019 had their best performance ever with 188M new users, a 70% increase over Q1 2018. My question is why you are not present on Tik Tok?”

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