How To Improve Communication With Your Customers

If you want to build a deeper relationship with your customers to help drive more sales, learn how to get started with Inbox in Meta Business Suite.

Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Meta. All thoughts mentioned are my own.

A simple way to drive more sales from Instagram and Facebook. You get messages everywhere, from WhatsApp to even social networks. But let me ask you this, how often do you check your Facebook, your messenger, and even Instagram direct messages? It's a pain to log into every one of those apps and check them manually, right? Well, that was until now.

Today I'm going to break down how you can use inbox in Meta Business Suite to make your life so much more efficient. And before I dive into the tool, I want you to know that this video is sponsored by Meta. But I would've done it anyways as it's a great tool and feature.

Just a quick recap. Inbox in Meta Business Suite is a free tool that allows you to manage your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram messages in one place. It helps you save time, responds faster to customers, and to help you drive more business outcomes. In sales, you heard of the saying that you want to respond to leads within five minutes of them coming out, if not sooner. Or according to Harvard Business Review, it can drastically impact your conversions. Sometimes up to 100 times. So speed is super important.

The same goes with responding to your messages that come through Instagram or Facebook. The quicker you respond, the more likely you are to generate sales. In essence, it helps you do three things.

First, you save time because you can communicate with everyone within Meta Business Suite without switching between apps.

Second, you'll have happier customers. No one wants to wait days for you to respond. So the faster you respond, the happier people will be.

Third, it helps drive more sales. Who doesn't want more revenue? This is probably the main reason we use inbox in Meta Business Suite. But if you want those results, I recommend doing a few things.

Step one, you have to use filters and labels. Labeling your contacts is a great way to highlight when you are chatting with a VIP customer to easily know where a customer is in their purchase journey. You can also quickly filter for priority or unread messages.

Step two, set up automated responses to save you time. You can easily tailor and save replies to common questions to respond more quickly. For example, with one tap, you can reply to your opening hours or return policy.

Step three, manage customer information as it'll help you close sales. You can add contact information, preferences, and free form notes to keep track of important customer details and customize your communication with customers.

Step four, drive more business outcomes within the thread. You can share products or book appointments directly in the message thread with your customers. This allows you to get to know them better, help them more, and build a deeper connection. This will help you generate more repeat purchases too.

And if your social profiles are new, you can always turn on ads to help encourage more communication. Or you can create posts with a click-to-message button. Or you can just set up a chat plugin on your website, which also helps.

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