Let’s Talk About UNCONVENTIONAL ADS! – Join Me LIVE With Kristine Mirelle!

Want to create memorable ads that get you NOTICED? Join me live for a special interview with Kristine Mirelle – one of our incredible Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers!

Kristine Mirelle is the founder of Music Hustler, a company created to help artists and musicians gain access to resources and education in the music business to help build their own PROFITABLE music careers. She also produces LIVE events to connect record labels, platinum producers, agents, and publishing companies with independent artists.

She’s responsible for booking shows for artists in 13 countries around the world, as well as playing a substantial role in getting artists signed to MAJOR record contracts and publishing deals.

Starting out, as an artist herself, Kristine toured 6 continents and built an independent music career – performing up to 400 shows around the world per year! At one point, Kristine became one of the TOP 10 Independent Musicians online, and she did it by using non-conventional methods to build a music career WITHOUT a record label!

This is going to be such a FUN, exciting interview, so don’t miss it! We’ll be talking about the power of creating weird, unconventional, memorable ads, and how Kristine harnessed this strategy, and used it to grow her business online. And if you haven't purchased your tickets to Funnel Hacking LIVE yet, now's your chance! www.FunnelHackingLive.com!!!

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