5 tools To Create a Profitable Online Business

You don't need a lot of people to grow your traffic and sales. You can actually use tools to help you out. Today I'm going to break down five tools to create a profitable online business.

Hello Bar:
Mobile Monkey:

The first tool I have for you is Crazyegg. Look, people come to your website. What are they actually converting? Crazy is a tool that helps you do AB testing and conversion optimization.

What's cool about Crazyegg is anytime you run a test, it'll show you visually where people are clicking on your page. And sometimes they won't be clicking the right areas. Sometimes they'll be clicking areas you don't want them to be. Or sometimes you have a Call to Action button and they can't really tell and no one clicks on it because it's too far down the page.

Crazyegg will show you all this in mouse recordings and he maps. And then what you can do with their Wiziwig editor is adjust the placements of specific elements and delete things, and test to see if that helps improve your conversions.

The second tool I have for you is Hello Bar. Leads, the money's in the list. The more emails you have, the better off you are. Collect as many leads as possible. With Hello Bar, you can collect tons and tons of emails, and you can do it for free. And they have designs for you. You can have, like, leads with a name, an email, a phone number. So that way your lead, isn't just an email address, and it can sync in with your CRM.

Number three, MailChimp. It's a free email tool. What's more to say than that? And they have way more features, but most people use MailChimp for their email solution. And the cool part about MailChimp is it can go out there, and you can end up sending emails to literally thousands of people a month for free. If you have a bigger list, you're going to have to spend some money, but it's a great start. And I love using MailChimp.

Number four, Mobile Monkey. Here's what I love about Mobile Monkey. They have this Instagram autoresponder solution and they do with Facebook as well. Instagram and Facebook, some of the most popular social networks. And what this tool allows you to do is respond automatically.

So for example, if you go find my username, Neil Patel, on Instagram, and you add me and you send a message, and the message could be anything, you'll get an auto response that is me pitching my ad agency and NP digital. And that works really well and we're actually getting some leads from it. Or, if I- I post a- post on Instagram, and I may say, Hey, direct message me a specific word, like "SEO" or "SEO tool" or whatever it may be, I can actually set up an autoresponder that sends you something specific if you direct message me that specific word.

The fifth tool I have for you is Ubersuggest. You can get started with SEO for free. You don't need to spend any money. You can do keyword research for free, find content ideas for free, figure out how much traffic your competition gets for free.

You can even get, "Hey, here are the lists of my top pages for my competition that I should go and create. It'll even show you all the people that linked a handful of your competitors, but don't link to you, for free. It offers so many features for free. Might as well get started versus paying for something.

Now, if you have a business and you're trying to do more marketing, yes, in the long run, hiring more people does help you out. You can use agencies like NP Digital. You can use contractors. But ideally if you're on a shoestring budget, start with a lot of the free tools out there and then go from there.

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