A Deep Dive Into Branding, Data & Experience – Module 7 – Part 1 – SEO Unlocked

This is our last week of SEO Unlocked. And today we're going to be covering brand and experience.

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Now with that, let's dive right into step number one, understanding your market. Look, how do you know if your market is good? Because if it's bad, you're going to waste a lot of time and you're not going to see results. The way you figure that out is by doing a market assessment.

And in this lesson of SEO Unlocked, we're going to break it down into two parts.

The first side is the business side, and then the second side is the human side. So let's first go over the business side. With the business side, there's four main aspects. Your market size, your growth rate, profitability and trends. The easiest way to see market size is just to go and Google for it.

And if you go to other websites, other than just Google, I know Google is crawling the web, but there's a lot of other websites that have data that you're not going to get by just Googling. So let's go over a few of them.

The first is government data. You can check out sites like data.com. They have data on a lot of different industries and it's really valuable.

Another one is Financial Data From Major Players. If a company is publicly traded look at the revenue, look at their profit, look at their income sheets. This will all give you idea of how strong the space is.

My favorite one though, is Founder Interviews. Look to see who's interviewing your competitors because a lot of times these founders are spilling their beans on these podcasts and breaking down what's working and what's not. That'll give you the idea of the direction you should go and what mistakes you need to avoid.

You also can look at Trade Associations, just Googling for Trade Associations you'll find a ton.

Now, the second side of the assessment is a human side, and this is very important as well because data and numbers don't tell you everything. And we're going to go through each of these.

The first is irrational passions, urgencies and pain points. If a market has at least one of them great, but the more they have the better. And ideally you want all three, because if people really feel pain points and they need urgency, they're much more likely to go and purchase something the same with irrational passions.

You also want to assess your competition. How many players are in the space? What traction are they getting? What are they doing? What's going to be so difficult, competing with them? What's their special sauce that people love them for? What are their main sources of revenue? Important lesson that you need to know when you're assessing your competition?

Your second step that you need to take is positioning for maximum impact. The better your positioning, the better off you're going to be. A brand can't be positioned by itself. It is relative to your competitors, customers, needs and the main response from your market.

From day one you need a carry a notepad and a pen around and take notes of things like conversations you've had with other people, things you've heard in the news, what you're reading on the blog or the social web, or seeing on YouTube or even problems you're facing or other people are facing, things that you see, products you use. What makes them great? What makes people happy or sad? Or the activities you do, or the places that people in your space visit. This is what all big brands do.

Well, the easiest person to reach out to is prospects in your market, who are your ideal customers? Reach out to them. If you already have leads or potential customers reach out to them as well. If you have a ton of people in emails that you communicate back and forth with, you can respond to them or leave comments on blogs and get feedback there. But most importantly, out of everything, I found that you can get the best feedback from customers.

So at this point, I want you to take two actions, one, download the market research data sources, and two, download the survey templates, you can find them on neilpatel.com/training, click on SEO Unlocked, go to this lesson and beneath the video, you'll find the worksheets.

I look forward to helping you grow your brand.

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      Last week! Thank you Neil for sharing all the valuable information for free! We all really appreciate it!

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      I enjoy watching these videos that you create and I appreciate that.. in my agency we define a company’s brand as what the public believes about you your products and services and the value that you offer and the value They will receive if they take action. Our research today shows that 97% of all Millennials between the ages of 18 + 37 say they won’t pick up the phone and call a business just because they’re on the first page of Google. So when we work with a small business the first thing we do before we engage in any traffic methods is to Brand them as the market leader and go to company in the area they serve. And you can easily do that if you understand how people are really searching for businesses today. Today everything is reputation based. It’s trust trust trust and so we create videos around a business’s 5-star reputation that positions them as The Trusted business and then we create expose interview videos that brands them as the the local business that has the trust and expertise to do business with. So when research shows that 87% of people say that video helps them in choosing a company to do business with, or helps them to make a buying decision and 97% say they won’t pick up the phone and call a business just because they’re on the first page of Google it’s really not that difficult to Brand a local business as the market leader when all you really have to do is create a couple videos that the public is really looking for.

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      Excellent information. Thanks Neil.

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      Hi Neil:

      Does keyword density matter for SEO?

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        I am not Neil, but I’ll say, keyword density doesn’t matter for SEO or or rankings, but including keywords is also important to show search engines that, your page is on which topic to rank that page, same for users 🙂

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      Very Great Insights about Branding Sir. Very useful for all the businesses.

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      I love how you structure your videos for SEO Unlock. There’s no single moment where I lose attention. Perfect. Crisp and on point!
      Thanks a lot for this one. I really needed this information/ tools for understanding the market size and scalability audit.

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      Neil thank you, all this infrormation has transformed the way i think about my project, i see why you are number one, God Bless You

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