A Simple Strategy to Getting More Customers For Your Ad Agency

Would you love a easy way to get more customers for your ad agency? One that works even if no one knows who you are, you have no brand and you have little to no visitors to your website? Well, today I'm going to show you how. I'm going to break down a simple strategy for getting more customers from your ad agency.


Now this strategy is really short, it's easy, it works, and heck you know, I'll even throw in a bonus strategy. So this is how I used to get customers when no one knew who my ad agency was, and it works so well. The thing that I've learned is; the people are going to spend the most on marketing, are the ones who need to spend money on marketing because they have tons of cash and they have to produce financial results.

So what are these kinds of companies Neal? Well they're venture funded companies. Think of it this way, If you raise money from a venture capitalist, you need to grow super, super fast even if it's not as profitable, you still need to grow super fast. That's the name of the game when it comes to raising money.

So what I love doing is going to a site called Crunchbase. crunchbase.com shows you all the people who are recently funded and it shows you the amounts.

So what I used to do is for SEO, I'd hit up all the sites are recently funded and I would tell them here's everything you're doing wrong and I would break down what to fix to get more traffic and how much more traffic they could potentially get, how much revenue there is, what their competitors are doing.

You can use tools like Ubersuggest to even make this easier for you. Or you can just put in the URL and show them like SEO reports and what's wrong, what needs to be fixed. You can even show them their competitors, their top pages, the content, and what we were doing to get customers in this works still so well today, is we just email it to them.

And we will not only email it to the founder and CEO, You can use tools like hunter.io to find these email addresses. And what we do is we email it to the CEO and the founders. And we would also email it to the investors, because Crunchbase would show you who invested in the company.

I also would email that investor and CC them. And what I would find is a lot of times they would take action, because their investors on there be like yeah, we need to burn money, This company broke it down. And I also would do an AB test.

Sometimes I wouldn't email the CEO I would just email the investor and I'd be like, Hey John, I know you just invested in this company and I'll put that company name in the subject line cause they just invest in them and I'll be like, Hey John, I know you'd invest in this company they have a lot of things that are broken. If you can afford us to the CEO, it would be great because if they fix this, they can grow way faster, which will make your investment even better.

And a lot of times they would just forward it and because the CEO or founder got that email from their investor. They will take that call with you And they'll be like, Hey, sure. We'll just pay you to fix it. We don't have the time, but we got a lot of money, we need to move super fast.

That's the strategy that I use to grow my first agency, And it still works today. It doesn't matter if anyone doesn't know who you are, it works, test it out. And I said, I'm going to give you a bonus strategy.

The bonus strategy is, and this worked for really large companies if you're trying to get enterprise contracts. So I would then go and email, let's say the CEO of a Walmart or target or eBay. And a lot of times you just Google for the CEO's name, You google for the email address, you'll find it. And you can usually get them to respond 20 to 30% of the time.

And you're taking the same tactic of breaking on what's wrong and just say, Hey John can you forward this over to your CMO? There's a really cool strategy that you can use to grow even faster and generate more revenue. But if you follow these strategies, you will get more customers. Try it out for a month.

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    Thanks very much

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  3. My Everyday Marketing October 14, 2021 at 2:05 pm #

    This email sending can be very powerful! 1 cool way to get customers among several ones!

    • Neil Patel October 14, 2021 at 2:34 pm #

      It really is!

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    Great strategy

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      Thanks 🙂

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    Thanks sir you are my mentor but love you

  6. Ugochukwu Abazie October 14, 2021 at 3:16 pm #

    Great strategy. I had a similar idea but I was looking at local business directories in my country. Not really sure foreign start ups would feel comfy working with a Nigerian just starting out.

  7. Junaid Ahmad October 14, 2021 at 4:05 pm #

    Hi Neil, Can you make freelancing videos. Not those videos where you get your order from marketplaces like fiverr if you optimise your gig. I don’t like this way doing this.

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    Great Tips Neil. Thank you

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    Hi Sir,

    Glad to have you as were my trainer, thank you everything.

    Could you share any email templates for sending emails for seo purpose.

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    Bhavya Kher

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    Great and simple strategy to implement. Thanks, Neil!✌️

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    Thanks Neil, i was more focused on serving the small and medium businesses, startups with that kind of funding i was apprehensive as the one or 2s i spoken with was interested in knowing my team size, what i could gather they wanted at least a 50+ agency.

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    How much can we charge them at the beginning?

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    Hey Neil, I was just asking myself how Google is treating stock images in comparison to unique ones in regard to ranking. Do you have some insight to share? Would be highly appreciated! Best regards!

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