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You look at my screen right here and what do you see? I Googled the term SEO. It's a popular term, gets over 110,000 searches in the United States per month, and it even has a $9.49 Cost Per Click. And you see Google Ranking at the top, and Moz, and Search Engine Land, Wikipedia, of course. And wait, what do you see here? Neil Patel, that's my own website. But you know what? Popular keywords aren't the best keywords. This keyword is almost useless for me. Today, I'm going to break down why popular keywords aren't the best keywords.


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So you're probably wondering, "Hey Neil, what do you mean by popular keywords aren't the best keywords? SEO a great keyword, you get a lot of traffic for it, right?" And I do. But this article is on what is SEO? If you can also see here, if I go to the top of the article, it's all on beginner stuff. Beginner's guide to SEO, SEO 101, what is SEO? Literally, it's a lot of beginner stuff. And I myself make money by selling SEO services and marketing services, in general, for my ad agency, NP digital.

But as you can see here, none of the people who are ranking, really cover service related stuff. More so, they're just here to tell you what SEO is or the definition. On the flip side, I rank for a term that gets a lot less traffic, SEO company And when I look at SEO company, you're seeing other people rank there and I'm not as high.

So the one that doesn't rank as high is generating me roughly one customer every other month, so six a year versus the one that gets more traffic is only getting me one a year. But when you look at the volume for this, it doesn't get 110,000 searches a month, only gets 18,000. The point I'm trying to make is, the most popular keywords, typically, aren't the best keywords.

So how do you find the right keywords? Well, first off, they're not typically head terms like one word like insurance or SEO. You know, there's a lot of different types of insurance. If I was a car company or a car insurance company, I wouldn't want to rank for insurance, I would want to rank for auto insurance, or even better, auto insurance quotes, right? It's very specific where someone looking it up wants quotes and they're interested in the service.

So why don't you to go to Ubersuggest, You just go to and type in keywords related to your space. So I'll type in SEO here, and what you'll want to do is scroll down and you can see a lot of different ideas. You can click View All. You can see suggestions. I like going into the Related keywords.

So just a general rule of thumb when you're going through all of this. Number one, you want to look for ideally three word phrases. The longer the phrase, probably the better. Number two, you want to look for keywords with a high CPC. High CPC, like this one, SEO website, someone who's Googling it, typically is looking to do SEO for a website or need helps with that. Higher CPC means higher conversion.

So look for the longer tail terms that have a high CPC compared to the head terms. And have a SEO difficulty score, ideally, a 50 or lower. That means it's easier to rank for. And as you scroll down, you'll find them, like digital marketing consultant, good CPC, the search volume's not bad, but the SEO difficulty is high.

It doesn't matter if you get 10 million visitors or 1 million visitors a month, or even 1,000 visitors a month.

The question is, is how much money you're making for those visitors? And the real way to make the most is don't go after popular terms like the term SEO, go after terms that are more specific, like, I bet you, the term, digital marketing agencies near me would drive me way more money in the long run than just ranking on Google for the term SEO, because everyone who search for SEO is more so looking around the basics and the definition versus this term, digital marking agencies near me, someone's looking to hire an agency. That's more likely to generate you more income.

So that could be a very relevant term for us. Good difficulty, 49 under 50, as I mentioned, decent CPC, which means it converts, and decent amount of volume. So if you go with this strategy, you can do well in the long run.

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      Hi Sir, Can you suggest us which is the best keyword tool for Hindi Blog?

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      Hello Neil. Amazing content like always!
      One question I had, my competitor’s backlinks report mainly consists of redirect notices from Google+, google maps, google images etc. And also, exit pages from high DA URLs. How can I do the same? And is it even white hat? Thanks in advance!

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      Sir, can you please suggest free email marketing tool because a it’s unaffordable to new blogger to use paid email marketing tool.

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      Wow. Great insights

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      Brilliant example of why popular keywords are not always the best ones. After all, it all comes down to traffic and conversations.

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        But at least they give his brand exposure to possibly the best type of affiliate traffic (beginners). Wouldn’t you want to rank your website for the keyword “SEO”?

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      SEO is exhausting . The metrics are changing all the time. Google and Amazon making bank .

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      Hey neil should i make a URL shortener Saas or should i make an Email marketing service Saas. I need your help. Please give me a clear answer. I haven’t chosen any niche.

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      Thanks Neil, great video, great advice… I get your emails. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, I am quadriplegic and am launching an academy for people who need help from tragic events… I broke my back in 2008 and have done a lot of motivational speaking since I have recovered, but I was to do one on one counselling now, what keywords would you search for??

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      Great contet!!

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