How to Increase Your Conversions With This Simple Trick

There’s many strategies to increase conversions, but have you tried this one? Try ending your prices with a 7, .95, 5 or .95. Instead of charging $10, for instance, consider charging $9.97. Even though it’s only a few cents less, people seem to think that it sounds cheaper. Even on high priced items the same […]

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How to Create User-Focused Content That Converts

How to Create User-Focused Content That Converts

Bryan Driscoll from Motivated Leads & the Eat Sleep, and Invest Podcast interviews Neil Patel to discuss how to create user-focused content. 0:00 Intro 1:33 Most Important Part of SEO 3:17 Pillar vs. Detailed Blog Posts 6:55 AI Content 7:26 Making Personalized Content 9:42 Link Building 14:57 Bringing the Right Audience to your Site 17:42 […]

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So... what would you say?

So… what would you say?

ClickFunnels was built with you…the entrepreneur, the business owner, the course creator, the speaker, the expert…in mind. Because we know that you need just 2 things to ramp your business FAST 1) Collect Leads 2) Generate Sales. And that’s exactly what ClickFunnels helps you do best. Pure and simple. Get your free 14 day trial […]

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Are YouTube Podcasts kind of dumb?

Are YouTube Podcasts kind of dumb?

I asked YouTube questions directly about YouTube Podcasts, and I got some answers to share with you. If you're a podcaster, these are exciting, weird and confusing times. Let's discuss. Listen to my podcasts here: 🎤 The Smart Passive Income Podcast: 🎤 AskPat (these are real life business coaching calls): Also, have you thought about […]

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