ASK PAT ANYTHING on The Income Stream – Day 84

I'm here to answer any questions you might have, about anything. When asking a question, please make sure to type "QUESTION:" in the chat before your question so that I can easily find it in the chat, which can often get very crowded, and busy. That's okay though, I love seeing the conversation 🙂

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Thanks so much!

What's up Quaranteam! I'm here for you every day at 8am PT (11am ET) to answer your questions and provide something regular each day we can look forward to. It's especially important during these times when normal has kind of been thrown out the window.

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Welcome back to all of the regulars, and if you're new, it's nice to meet you!

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    1. Cythz June 11, 2020 at 5:22 pm #

      Loved it

    2. Ghost June 11, 2020 at 5:33 pm #

      nice content bro

    3. Secure Mindset June 11, 2020 at 5:50 pm #


    4. Grandma Goodie's Bible Stories June 11, 2020 at 6:40 pm #

      6-11-20 Ask PAT Anything: Wow! Pat’s Answers 46 Questions!
      Q#5. (6:12) How do you find time for your shows with a family? Q#6. (7:25) Why do marketers say that you can get free traffic that converts…? “Free traffic does exist but you have to earn that traffic.” ~ Pat Flynn Q#1. (1:56) When Disneyland reopens, where is first place you want to go? Q#2. (3:08) What’s best way to introduce myself on my new podcast if I don’t want to brag? STORYTIME Q#3. (4:46) When did you first realize how awesome you are? STORYTIME Q#4. (6:03) Did you trim your beard? Q#7. (9:33) What’s best tip for getting to 4,000 hours of watch time on new YouTube channel? Q#8. (10:18) What are the Astro Blaster secrets (on Disneyland ride)? Q#9. (10:50) How do I become less camera shy? Q#10. (11:48) How did you become so famous? Q#11. (12:05) Is sales page review link for consideration the same as for website or YT channel reviews? Q#12. (12:34) What’s the 84/84 or 83/84 thing in the chat? Q#13. (12:58) What’s your favorite meal for dinner? (13:22) Q#14. *How can I promote myself to get invited onto someone else’s podcast? Q#15. (14:44) How have you and your wife approached learning and education with your kids? Q#16. (15:31) I’m thinking of testing podcast on a different day of the week; good idea? Q#17. (16:24) How do I know if a course / book / blog etc. is good to learn from – especially business related? Just In Time Learning; (17:40) Twitch TV: Pat’s family fun and games channel is ; Q#18. (18:30) Have you ever gotten Kai & Keoni’s silhouette’s done on Main Street, Disneyland? Q#19. (19:17) What do you love doing the most blogging, podcasting, or YT videos? Q#20. (20:23) Planning is really key and hard to find info about; any advice? Answer: How to Plan Anything YT video ; Q#21. (20:50) It takes a level of self-esteem and positive self-image to decide what you’re going to do; advice? Q#22. (21:01) Have you had many mindset shifts while on your business journey? (22:17) shift from scrappy entrepreneur to CEO; Q#23. (23:13) Having trouble making time to edit podcasts/interviews; can’t outsource yet; any tips on how can I catch up? Q#24. (25:02) How do you balance what to offer free vs. paid content? Q#25. (26:26) I love how you try to model work/life balance; how many hours a day do you work? Q#26. (27:32) *How do you keep from getting discouraged if you promote products or show and don’t get traffic even using landing pages and social media? Q#27. (30:48) What are your thoughts on Facebook rooms? Q#28. (33:02) In my video, my eyes are glowing red like an animal; what can I do to fix that? Q#29. (33:38) How many are connecting/collaborating consistently via voice/video? Q#30. (34:23) Listen to Voices of Black Entrepreneurs clipped together in recent podcast; SPI podcast episode 426: Q#31. (35:45) How can I make messy background look pleasantly presentable on video when you do not have much to work with? Q#32. (37:08) With so much to learn on setting up an online business, any tips on how not to get overwhelmed? MVP: Minimum Viable Product; Q#33. (39:00) What program did you use for format of audio clips together (for recent Voices of Black Entrepreneurs)? Q#34. (40:26) How can we get guests on a podcast when ours is still small? what’s best way to market? Q#35. (41:14) Started podcast about LEGO ® what’s best way to market it? (AFOL: Adult Fans Of Legos); Q#36. (43:29) Connect with vendors of conventions now going virtual to offer a stage; Q#37. (44:26) Can you recommend resources for best way to communicate with clients? Q#38. (46:12) I help parents cook w/ kids; it’s not a highly searched topic so how do I get traffic? Q#39. (47:12) Very nice words of appreciation for notes; thanks, Pat! Q#40. (47:37) What are your thoughts on influencer marketing agencies? Q#41. (49:03) Commiseration on losing 39 videos! Q#42. (49:57) When is the ‘Wheel of Flynn’ returning (and evolving weekly schedule plans); Q#43. (51:39) Are couples podcasts a good sector to get into? MILESTONE! Pat just crossed over a quarter Million YT subscribers! Q#44. (53:56) How can I submit my website or YouTube channel to be reviewed by Pat? Q#45. (54:50) Does YT send you Silver for 250K subs? Q#45. What’s the link to share with friends to join this live stream? Q#46. (55:32) Any tips for entrepreneurs trying to get ahead in their business while having a family and full-time job?

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