Quick Hacks to get Paying Customers – Interview with Tai Lopez

That's up and coming. The trends are showing that everyone's Googling this item, which means they're typically searching it on Amazon as well. That's e-commerce related. And if you create the product and there's very little competition. You can make a ton of money.


There are so many people that don't know social media and don't understand it. because most business owners are not young. Right? They're much older. Especially the ones that are larger in size. So if you go and you go to Indeed and you find all their job postings or Craigslist, you can be emailing back and be like, I know you're looking for a social media manager and you can make a video, like make a video job application, and I know you're trying to get them as a client not as a, you don't want to work for them full-time.

You go make a video and be like, Hey so-and-so I know you're looking for a full-time social media manager and I would apply but you're doing it all wrong. See, the thing is, I know social media really well and for you to get everything that you're looking for you need someone to create your content.

You need someone to just manage your social media profiles. You need someone to do video. Like you can break down and I'm like, that's more than just one job. And if you hire someone full-time you're not going to get the results you're looking for. I've done well on social media.

They still have money, and a lot of them still make millions of dollars, but Indeed has a lot of large corporations they'll just ignore it and be like, no we want a full-time employee.

So what Crunchbase, what we are doing is, anytime you're pitching services, and I know you have a course on social media marketing that teaches people like how to do it, which is great. On Crunchbase, all these businesses, it's a list of everyone who recently got funding. So Crunchbase announces like people who like, I just raised $10 million. I raised 3 million. I even raised five. You don't need to go after people who raise a hundred million.

So if you hit them up, because they just recently got a check, what do they got to do? Spend it. So I emailed them, the CEOs and the investors, because it lists on Crunchbase, which venture capital fund, right? The people giving money and the partner who led the deal. And their emails are all public because they want more deal flow.

You're getting them to put pressure on the people they just funded.

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