This Online Course Creation Template is 🔥🔥🔥 (Download FREE) – How to Create an Online Course

Creating an online course can be difficult, especially with all of the moving parts and pieces. But, if you'd like a way to easily organize and produce your online course, then I've got the tool for you.

This COURSE CREATION TEMPLATE (link below and in video) allows me to have a simple place to track, organize and keep on top of my production schedule for my online courses. In the video, I'll show you an example of one that's filled out, and I hope this proves to be helpful! Best of luck to you and the launch of your next online course:


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    17 Responses to This Online Course Creation Template is 🔥🔥🔥 (Download FREE) – How to Create an Online Course

    1. The Organized Soprano November 16, 2020 at 11:00 pm #

      PAT!!!! Thank you so much for this! I’m going to grab it! I’ve been dragging my feet on a course but this will get me started! You’re so generous ☺️

    2. Eugen C Popa November 16, 2020 at 11:01 pm #

      Great Sutff Pat!! Thank you for sharing!

    3. Benedict Ambrose November 16, 2020 at 11:01 pm #

      Nice shirt! Thanks for the template

    4. Omni-Rinse November 16, 2020 at 11:16 pm #

      So great! Thank you!

    5. Técnica De Voz November 16, 2020 at 11:17 pm #

      amazing, thank you Pat

    6. The Accidental Inventor November 16, 2020 at 11:18 pm #

      I saw this on the Income Stream, and thought, “Wow, I wish I could have this spreadsheet because it would make such a difference for my course creation..” And here it is! Thank you so much, Pat!!!

      • Pat Flynn November 16, 2020 at 11:20 pm #

        I got you!

      • The Accidental Inventor November 16, 2020 at 11:48 pm #

        @Pat Flynn Thanks for delivering every day for the last 245 days. I don’t know how you do it…You’re helping so many people with your content! Keep up the great work!

    7. Carlos Saca Jr. November 16, 2020 at 11:25 pm #

      How can u be so amazing? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for like the last 3 weeks! Thank you very much! You’re great!

    8. William Reamer November 16, 2020 at 11:52 pm #

      Thank you Pat, this is gold!

    9. Consult A Blind Guy November 17, 2020 at 12:08 am #

      Thanks Pat. Hope you’re having a good evening. Cya in the morning. #Quaranteam #TeamFlynnForTheWin #Bruh

    10. Harley Pebley November 17, 2020 at 2:34 am #

      That’s so generous of you Pat! Thanks!!

    11. Dr. Severine Bryan November 17, 2020 at 2:56 am #

      Pat, your generosity continues to amaze me. May God’s richest blessings continue to overflow on you. Thank you!

    12. Arunima Datta November 17, 2020 at 3:43 am #

      Default to Generousity is indeed how you operate, Pat. Thank you so much!

    13. Jose Stein Guerrero November 17, 2020 at 4:32 am #

      Excelente, muchas gracias!!

    14. Michael Wilkinson November 17, 2020 at 4:44 am #

      Thank you, Pat. I really appreciate this. You Da Man, bruh!

    15. Aleena Malik November 17, 2020 at 2:20 pm #

      What good timing! Was looking for this and love your style of teaching!

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