How to Reverse-Engineer The Strategy of The Most Successful Competitors in Digital Marketing

If you want to do well with digital marketing, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. There's a easier approach. Today I'm going to break down, how to reverse engineer the strategy, of the most successful competitors of yours in digital marketing.

Social Blade:
Not Just Analytics:

So let's first start with social media. For social media, there's Social Blade. Social Blade is a tool that'll tell you what's working for your competition and what's not working for you. So Social Blade will show you what's causing your competitors to grow in social counts, for followers. And you can actually look at the posts that they publish or the video content that they post on that day to see what's working for them.

Then you have, Not Just Analytics. Not Just Analytics ends up helping you understand what's working on Instagram from an engagement standpoint. Instagram is a whole different beast when it comes to social platforms out there. It's very different than most of the social networks, because, you can still get tons of engagement.

LinkedIn is another one where you can still get tons of engagement. But you want to see the type of content that's just working. Not just from posts on wall, but also for Reels, IGTV, Stories. You want to know what's working and you want to post more of that, and you want to see what's not working for competitors.

And then you have It's all-in-one social platform. It allows you to see all the data on your competitors, what works for you, what works for them. And it does it across all the social platforms out there.

Now let's dive into paid ads. How can you figure out what's working for competitors? Well, you have tools like SpyFu that specialize mainly just in paid ads. And it provides all the reporting out there for competitor paid ads. You can also use Ubersuggest to get a lot of these insights.

My favorite one out of all of them though, is the Facebook ad library because the Facebook ad library ends up showing you what's working for your competitors.

Then you got big spy, You can also see what's working with competitors from an ad perspective as well As for SEO, I recommend using Ubersuggest, Ubersuggest breaks on everything from, Hey, what keywords are your competitors ranking for? What keywords are your competitors ranking for that you're not ranking for?

Another one of my favorite features in Ubersuggest is just to create a project. It'll show you, what's working for your competitors on a regular basis, literally daily, weekly basis. And it'll end up reporting that to you.

So you know what changes you need to make, not you just stay on track with your competitors, but also beat your competition. From a content standpoint, there's clearscope, and surferSEO. They all basically do the same thing, which is telling you what makes good pieces of content, When it comes from a keyword perspective that you're trying to rank for.

Now, here's what I will look for that are really sets you apart. If you're trying to beat the competition, I would actually go to Google trends and see what's booming in your space. What new keywords are trending, because if you beat your competition to the punch and you go after those keywords before them, time is on your side, it'll actually make it easier for you to outrank them. Even if you don't have as many links, especially if you have the user metrics and great metrics like time on site, your page speed loads fast, people are getting what they're looking for.

They're not clicking the back button a lot. And I'll also look at the keywords that you're trying to rank for. Are those keywords increasing in popularity over time? Are they decreasing? Because if they're decreasing, you don't really want to focus your time and effort on keywords that aren't really going to be popular in the future. Instead, you want that compounding effect by going after terms, that will just continue to get more and more popular. And Google trends will show you that.

That way, you'll get more traffic with the same amount of work. And if you do that, you'll be better off in the future.

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      Uber Suggest has one problem for me , if I enter the old url of a search result it counts as a result and hence I get 1 less free search a day.

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      How can we prevent competitors from ripping off copy from website and posts?

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