How to Track and Improve Your Rankings

You're spending all this time on SEO, but how do you know that all the stuff you're doing is working, your rankings are increasing and continually improving? Today I'm going to break down how you can easily track and improve your rankings.

Crazy Egg:

One simple way that you can track and improve your rankings is through Ubersuggest. You can just put in any keyword or anything like that like I typed in marketing here. And if you haven't already, make sure you sign up for a free Ubersuggest account.

Now, I already have an account here but I'm going to create a new project from scratch so you can see how I track and improve my rankings over time. And let's create a new project. And the URL for the project is let's say, I'm going to do this with Website name is Crazy Egg. Choose my location. So where do I want to track my rankings? Crazy Egg does business globally, but most of the signups end up coming from the United States so I want to track my rankings there.

I'm more so focused on the United States with this website. And it gives me a list of suggested keywords like a/b testing, heat map I know is one for sure, create a website, webpage design travel websites, not really that relevant. Let's see, brand loyalty. I'm just going to select, you know, random keywords here and you would pick the keywords that are most relevant for your website. You would also want to track any competitors.

So track keywords, maybe it's updated a lot of them. It hasn't done all, but it's done half of them, either way. All right. So you guys get the point.

I'm going to go back to the dashboard so you can see how the rank tracking looks. And this is for I've been tracking keywords for a while. I can select a date range like let's do last 30 days apply. So you can see your rankings over time for certain keywords.

And what you'll want to do is you want to look at all the sites that right rank above you. So each of these webpages is loading. As you can see here, Wikipedia was number one, Heat Map and a heat map is a data visualization and they have an explanation types of heat map.

I mean, you'll find that, right, in which whenever you do a Google search sometimes the examples that you see ranking above you aren't necessarily the most relevant to your business like this one.

Now let's look at the Crazy Egg page. What is a heat map? How to create one examples in case studies. It's a pretty detailed page and it says how does heat maps work, other types of heat maps, apps, confetti report, overlay, list report, when you should use a heat map, website redesigning, a/b testing, content marketing, UX usability, conversion funnels, what you can learn from heatmaps, it's going super in-depth.

And I look at this, the content's great but what I would do if I want to start outranking a lot of my competitors, people think a lot of SEO is building an on-page code and that's true. But once you already get to page one are pretty decently well positioned the links and the on-page SEO get you seen, get you in a placement that's reasonable but to get to the top, you got to look at every single one of your competitors.

And by doing this, and then updating your page and then giving it time, what you'll find is your rankings will climb over time. Not quickly, not right away it'll climb slowly over the next month or two when you make these changes.

Just to give you a quick recap, I add my projects to Crazy Egg, Look for the rankings that go down over time. And in this crazy example, because we recently added cures you won't see the ones that are down but you can see here for

When I look at the date range and I go let's say last, you know, month, click apply. I look for the one that down the down arrows. When you see the down arrows, you just click here. You see where the ranking changes are over time and then you would Google those keywords, see his ranking ahead of you.

I'm going to take all those learnings and modify my content to be more usable and make sure I cover all the things that they covered that are important if I'm not already covering them. And if you do that, over time your rankings will climb.

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      • Neil Patel May 27, 2021 at 3:23 pm #

        Thank you! 🙂

    2. Ghulam Ali May 27, 2021 at 2:02 pm #

      Tracking is very important and thats what I always do when I do SEO testings. In fact tracking has helped me learn new strategies as well. Soon will make video in it as well.

      • Neil Patel May 27, 2021 at 3:26 pm #

        It’s key! Awesome, let us know when your video is live 🙂

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      Hey Neil
      I was planning to start my blog but I was completely lost. After brainstorming over the internet I found your blog which guided me so well. So I wanna say thanks to you!

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      Thanks for the insight.

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      I love your channel.
      But lately it’s more about using UberSuggest.
      Maybe you a mix it up. 🙂

      And as a long time ubersuggest paid user I would like to suggest one improvement.
      Let old users switch from gmail login to email login.
      I want to use it on a system where I’m not using my gmail.

      Cheers 🙂

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      Hey Neil!
      Please help me to increase my Page experience Score it is very low as a result traffic is also decreasing.
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      A great video…as always,thanks a lot for these ideas,infact we always learn new things everytime we watch your videos.

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      Hey! Neil

      Amazing content, just wanted a favour
      Ubersuggest is a great tool but we can make only 3 searches a day with the free plan.
      It would be great if we could make around 8-10 searches a day as it is not possible to
      purchase the paid plan for all the users.

      Hope you respond!


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      Very interesting video for more suscríbers

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      Neil your Uber suggeste sometime crashes and I gotta start it over again and refresh the page.
      I dunno if I’m the only one …?

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      Great video, I recently started to use ubersuggest and semrush. Both great tool for bloggers!

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      Sir How i can improve truck service business on Social media… Which platform will perform well for it?
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