Join Me And Tyson Durfey LIVE To Talk About ‘Mental Toughness’!

I’m going LIVE with WORLD CHAMPION (and Funnel Hacking LIVE speaker) TYSON DURFEY to talk about the power of becoming mentally tough!

Tyson is an entrepreneur and 2016 World Champion Tie-Down Roper! He’s both a mindset and performance coach, as well as a Roping skills mentor.

As entrepreneurs, fear, challenges and setbacks WILL happen along your journey. (They’re pretty much guaranteed). At some point in your journey, maybe you’ve had enough of feeling STUCK, enough of not getting the results you want, and enough of not fulfilling the extraordinary potential you know you have deep within you…

When that happens, it’s time to dig deep, and remember why you started this entrepreneurial journey in the first place. Tyson understands that a major KEY to success is the ability to develop ‘Mental Toughness’. In addition to holding LIVE in-person roping clinics, Tyson also has a coaching program to help his clients conquer their fears, and strengthen their mindset for success! His ‘No Limits” mentorship program specifically for Ropers guides his clients step-by-step through how to take their Roping skills to the next level, and helps them develop What It Takes to become a World Champion!

I’m excited for Tyson to share the story of his journey to success, both as a champion roper, and as an entrepreneur. And at Funnel Hacking LIVE, I’ve asked him to share with you the strategies for developing mental toughness, so that you can gain the edge you need to dominate your day, your business, and win in life!

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