My Favorite Social Media Strategy You Can Implement ASAP

My favorite social media strategy, which you can implement ASAP. I post on social media all the time. It's an amazing way to connect with my audience and super easy. But you want to know my favorite way to boost my social presence? It's super easy and ties in beautifully with something you probably already do. Target your email subscribers. Think about it. What better audience to target than someone who's already connected with you?

According to HubSpot, 77% of markers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months. Let's discuss how you can use it with your social media efforts.

Remember, these are people that already want your content. They've already signed up. Now, if you target them in your email campaigns, you are going after, in essence, enthusiastic leads. These are people who are more likely to actually take action.


So I want you to add a CTA to each email you send out and include various social icon buttons below. Your most loyal customers are probably the ones that still want emails from you. That means they are also more likely to share your content on social media once they follow you there.

It's also super important that you align your content strategies, so they work together. Both marketing channels should create relatively similar content. So here are five actionable ways to use this tactic.

So first off, I recommend you email out your best social content to your email subscribers once a week. That allows me to get, A, more YouTube subscribers, and B, more views on my social content. So these people will go from just reading my blog to now also starting to follow me on social media. You can do that with Instagram, TikTok, or whatever it may be. Start linking out; it will be a great way to get more followers. That's super simple.

My second strategy for you is to do live sessions on social media. So whether it's through tools like Restream or whether you're just going live only on Instagram or LinkedIn or whatever platform you choose. I recommend you do all of them.

The third strategy I have for you is to do interviews with other well-known people. See, your social profiles may not have a lot of followers like Tony Robbins, the Kardashians, or even me. I don't have as many as them.

But a strategy that I use is, sometimes, I'll do interviews with other people on my social profiles, like, we'll go live together or do video interviews together, and I'll email it out. I tell them, "I'll email out to my list; you email out to your list." I'll get more followers, and they'll get more brand awareness. It's a win-win for both of us.

The fourth strategy I have for you is to post unique content at least once a week on each of your social platforms. So sometimes I have content just for YouTube, sometimes just for Instagram, sometimes for TikTok, and sometimes just for LinkedIn. You get the point. And what I'll do in my newsletters is every once in a while, I'll link people to that unique content on that channel and let them know I post unique content there on a monthly basis. And if they follow me on that platform, they'll get access to it.

My fifth strategy for you is to run a contest. Contests are super popular. Just think about any sporting event you go to. When you go to a sporting event, they often do contests, like text a number, and you can win X thousand dollars or buy some raffle tickets. They wouldn't do this stuff if it didn't work. So even though you're like, "Ah, contest, who's going to apply?" There's a good chance. Use your email list to push people to the contest, whether on Instagram or LinkedIn. And in the contest, you can tell people they got to repost your content, leave a comment, or tag you in something. This all helps you get more followers and get more engagement.

Remember, your email list has your most active users. These are people who subscribed and gave you something, some personal information, to keep getting information from you. Those are the people you want on your social platforms following you.

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