Overcoming Marketers’ 5 Toughest Challenges

Learn how to overcome the biggest challenges faced by marketers with Neil Patel! From growing a global audience to navigating privacy regulations and pivoting strategies in times of crisis, Neil provides valuable insights and actionable tips to help marketers succeed in today's fast-changing landscape.

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0:47 Challenge #1 | How to grow a global audience
2:36 Challenge #2 | Privacy Regulations
3:51 Challenge #3 | How to pivot during major global events
6:38 Challenge #4 | Measuring your ROI
8:19 Challenge #5 | How to generate traffic & leads


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Challenge number one, 62% of marketers say that growing a global audience was their biggest challenge this year.

You know, what's funny is I've created a global audience, and what I've also found is once you create a global audience, it's also even harder to monetize that global audience. But the biggest reason that we see marketers struggle to grow a global audience is they typically focus on one language, believe it or not. The real strategy and way to not only create a global audience but be able to monetize it is you got to translate and transcribe.

Challenge number two, 56% of marketers say that updates to privacy regulations is their biggest challenge right now.

The reason marketers have issues with privacy changes isn't because they don't like them or they like them, it's more so every country has their own rules so you got to adapt to them from a legal perspective. As marketers, you got to adjust what you show people based on the regions that they're coming from. The solution to this is personalization. Think about personalizing experiences.

Challenge number three, 53% of marketers say that pivoting their marketing strategy due to major global events like the pandemic, recession, or political turmoil is their biggest challenge.

Think of the Facebook rule. If they're trying to build a product, the number of engineers that they have should be able to be fed off of one large pizza. So when you have too many cooks in the kitchen, in other words, things actually move slower. So what you want to do is figure out who on your team is agile, can move fast, and have a small circle. It doesn't mean that you don't update everyone else on what's happening and the changes they may need to make, but you need a few people who can just focus on executing and adapting and changing.

Challenge number four, 51% of marketers say that measuring their marketing efforts and their marketing ROI is their biggest challenge.

The reason 51% of marketers say they struggle to measure marketing's ROI is they focus on vanity metrics. So everyone knows there's Google Analytics, you can pay a consultant to set it up for you. But that's not really the issue. There's actually a bigger issue on hand. What we're seeing is companies aren't focusing on what channels, what keywords, what audience type, et cetera, are driving the conversions and they're not focusing on getting more of those. So when you set up your marketing campaigns and your analytics correctly, you actually need to pinpoint what's driving the most ROI and double down on that.

Finally, challenge number five. 47% of marketers reported that generating traffic and leads was their biggest problem this year.

The real solution for marketers, it's always going to be hard, but the real solution, and this is really the only solution, is to take an omnichannel approach. So what I mean by the omnichannel approach is you got to do paid advertising, not just Facebook and Google, but Bing, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, you got to try them all out, Snapchat. You got to do SEO, not just SEO on Google, but there's also Bing. If you're in the hospitality space, getting your listing for your home higher on Airbnb it's considered SEO as well.

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