Fuel Your Motivation and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends

“Whatever you're spending time on, just give it 110% because you're making those moments count.”
Rhett Power, an accomplished entrepreneur and author, recently sat down with Neil Patel for an exclusive interview.

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0:49 What define’s you?
1:09 What’s your motivation?
3:42 How do you hire amazing people?
5:05 How do you find harmony with work & life?
6:47 How can a business be successful with inbound marketing?
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When I started out as an entrepreneur, I didn't have money to pay people, mentors, coaches or any of that. And a lot of people helped me out for free and helped me get to where I am. So then when I started making some money, I tried paying some of these people, and they're like, "No just keep paying it forward". And I loved it. So that's where a lot of the drive comes from. The results, the accolades, the awards, that comes from having an amazing team. It's not me, it's the team.

You need amazing people. Taking care of people is easy. Compensate them, be there when they're having personal problems. I don't believe in this is work, leave your personal issues at home. I believe in, oh, you have personal issues. Can I help you solve any of them?

Your team members are like family members, but how to hire great people? It is actually a very easy way to do it. Go look on LinkedIn, find people that are in the exact role that you're hiring for. Look for people who have done that within your industry. At least at two other competitors. Not one, but two. If they have direct market experience and they're at multiple competitors the chance are they'll do well for you. Now the other layer that I like adding on top of this is make sure that they've been at those companies for a while. So that way, you know, they're loyal, they're not just hopping around. You got to make sure they're a cultural fit.

When you interview people, people always say, yeah, I did this. And I caused these results. You don't really ever know. You can't call up their boss and be like did they actually do this? Because I'm looking to poach them. But what you can do is see if they've been promoted multiple times at that company. See if they're that amazing. They would've, in most cases, been promoted multiple times.

I have an assistant who helps me with my daily tasks and daily life, which helps out a lot. I've used Google Calendar for everything. I use Tasks for everything. I don't go to sleep until all my emails are read. I try to do that every night, unless I'm on a plane with no internet, and I don't have as much of a work-life balance. You know, I would love to say I spend a ton of time with my kids, but for the time I do spend, I make it count. So whatever I'm spending time on, I try to make it 110%. Because even in the small amount of minutes or hours, it all adds up and you just got to give it your all.

On the flip side, I know a lot of people who spend time with their kids and a lot of time, but they're just watching TV and then ignoring them in the background. On the flip side, I'll play with them. I'll let my daughter put makeup on my face. Although it's fake makeup. But whatever you're spending time on, just give it 110% because you're making those moments count.

A lot of businesses believe that, oh, my competition's doing really well on Google. I need to do SEO, or I need to do paid advertising because they do it. It's actually not one channel that makes a business anymore. See, Facebook back in the day, grew through that email viral loop, so-and-so is on Facebook, and they invited you to join it. Dropbox grew through social sharing we need to get more space. All channels eventually get crowded, competitive, and expensive. The way to do well in inbound marketing today and in the future is to take an omnichannel approach.

When someone sees or interacts with your brand seven times, they're much more likely to talk about you to other people, and that's where you generate the majority of your revenue. And you need to generate more loyal customers by just being omnipresent and being throughout multiple channels. Because what we found is when your omnichannel people are more willing to buy from you because they're seeing your brand constantly and they start trusting you.

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