How to Build An Ultra Engaged Audience That Buys From You

How to build an ultra engaged audience that buys from you. Having followers and visitors is useless if you can't get them to buy from you. You have to cultivate your audience so you can generate sales and revenue. But how do you do that?


Well first, you want to build a email list. You can use any tool for that from Mailchimp to ConvertKit. If you build a email list, you'll quickly learn it's your digital ATM, in which every time that you send out an email blast, assuming you're promoting a product that people can buy or a service, it will generate you more revenue. The best way you can collect emails is through a landing page and sending people from your social profiles to there or even ads to a landing page, or you can use exit popups on your website or content upgrades.

Second, you can't just send out emails selling to people all the time. 90% of your emails should be educational and provide value. Roughly 10% of the time you should be selling. My ratio is less than 10% when it comes to selling but yours could be higher, but just stay somewhere around there. If you're too aggressive on the selling, you won't have a engaged audience. You're not building a relationship with them. They won't buy as well, and you're going to burn them out.

Third, engage with your audience. You can ask some questions or when they have a question, if you respond to them, that will help you build a more engaged audience. It takes some work, but it's still well worth it. And don't expect a response or two to make someone into a loyal brand evangelist. You need to spend years and do this, just really helping people out to make them loyal.

Fourth, avoid giving generic responses. People want personalized advice that helps. Generic advice will turn people away and will hurt converting your followers into becoming loyal followers.

Lastly, create video based content. look, videos help convey emotion, and it's easier for people to connect with you through video, over text. Your videos can be long form or even short Reels. I generally create a few videos that are at least five minute long, each and every single week. And I do a handful that are less a minute long. You can typically take the longer form videos and repurpose them and cut them into shorter videos and put them on TikTok, Instagram Reels or even YouTube Shorts.

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  1. Cr8t1v3 Marketing September 10, 2022 at 2:20 pm #

    Love it

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    Hi Sir,

    I believe I have decent theoretical knowledge of SEO, but SEO is all about experience. For that reason, I have started 2 blogs.

    Therefore, by any chance do NP DIGITAL has any internship opportunities for me?
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      Can you tell me how you created your 2blogges

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    Super awesome!!!

    I genuinely follow your instructions whatever you suggest….

    I can’t believe how you tell all your secrets openly in that way…I never see people like you who shared all his/her knowledge that type

    your 1 blog post is like a whole book

    Truly amazing

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  5. Muna Mohamed September 10, 2022 at 3:54 pm #

    How can I create emails list on milchat

  6. Aurobindo Ghosh September 10, 2022 at 4:25 pm #

    how? your hackers send trillions of ad to one device where every tap or click leads to your website’s services buy now page

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