I’m Talking LIVE With Bill Allen About A New Twist On ‘The HERO’S JOURNEY’!

Join me LIVE for a fascinating interview to talk about what BILL ALLEN (one of our Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers) is doing differently to take the ‘Hero’s Journey’ to the next level!

Bill is an entrepreneur, and a ClickFunnels ‘Category King’ who owns a Real Estate training company. As a marketer, you may have heard about the concept of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ before. It’s the STORY that you tell your audience where the hero is called on an adventure, faces tough challenges along the way, has a victory by defeating the crisis, and comes home changed or transformed in some way. Nearly ALL the greatest movies that are memorable and create an impact use The Hero’s Journey as the base of their storyline to some extent.

But part of Bill’s massive success is because he created a new twist on integrating The Hero’s Journey into his business. He created a ‘Hero’s Journey’ within EACH different level of his value ladder. During our special interview, I can’t wait to hear how he came up with this brilliant idea, and how it differs from the traditional Hero’s Journey. And at FHL in September, Bill will SHOW you how he took the original Hero’s Journey, and then weaved it around every level of value inside his business, how he ascends people up to the next level of his value ladder using the multiple journeys, and how to CRAFT your own Hero’s Journey in a way that makes it FUN for your audience to buy from you.

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