The Right Way to Segment Your Content

How well do you know your audience? If you're treating every single lead that comes your way the same, you can be totally sabotaging your marketing strategy. So what do you do? You need to use segmentation.

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Segmentation makes businesses 60% more likely to understand their customers, challenges, and 130% more likely to know their intentions. Simply put, if you know what your audience is struggling with and what they want, you can market to them in a way more effective way. Don't create a one-size-fits-all targeting or even retargeting strategy. You need to leverage the information you have about your users, how they interacted with your brand and what they actually stand to gain from further engaging with you. Here are some ways you can segment your audience the right way.

Tip number one, become a storyteller. Think of all your messaging as something in a sequence, not a single interaction. Create ads that follow each other in a linear fashion and create alternative pathways depending on a user's response. I'll create a generic email and then split that up into two follow-ups depending on how that user interacted with the first email. They've already done the segmenting work for me.

Tip two, build better buyer personas. According to HubSpot, using effective marketing personas made websites two to five times more effective, so why not? If you just Google marketing personas or user personas, you can get a lot for free. There are so many templates out there.

Tip three, leverage social media tools. Facebook allows businesses to target and message based on user info such as likes, demographics, interests, and even location. LinkedIn allows advertisers to filter and segment by industry, company size, and even more. And when you segment and you do this, what you'll find is you'll get a higher ROI from your marketing and you'll appeal to the right people so you won't waste your salespeople's time or your customer service people's time and things just work out much better for you in the long run from a cost and ROI perspective. To four, improve your cross-channel presence.

Want to reach younger audiences? 43% of TikTok's global audience is between 18 and 24. Want to reach an older demo? 27.5 of Instagram users were between 25 and 34. Look, segmenting is the way to go and what you'll find is when you segment you're going to be like, Neil, this takes a lot of time to create customized copy for each of these segments. Don't focus too much on the copy, focus more so on what you show people depending on the journey that they're taking and people segment themselves. People segment by being a buyer or a non-buyer or opening up an email, or not opening up an email or clicking a link or not clicking a link. If you catch my drift based on people's actions, you can then segment them. It is not that hard but it takes a little bit of work to set these up. And whatever marketing automation tool you're using whatever advertising platforms you're using, whatever CMS you're using, most of them have features that allow you to easily segment.

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