CRO Best Practices – Part 2 – Free Conversion Rate Optimization Course by Neil Patel – CRO Unlocked

Today's another day of CRO Unlocked, where we go over how you can improve your conversion rates. This lesson is on best practices, part two. Today we're going to be breaking down how to use Crazy Egg to increase your conversion rate.

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So just a quick overview, you can monitor visitor interactions through different software with Crazy Egg. You can create a snapshot of your page and as your page changes, you can see how visitors interact with different variations of your site, so you can improve your conversion rates and get a better understanding how people truly interact with your website.

So how do you use snapshots? Well, you can choose a variety of advanced choices while making a snapshot. You can pick the system form to monitor let's say desktop, mobile, or even tablet. You can determine the expiration time of when you want to stop tracking.

And that'll help you better understand, here's how people interact during these specific times. And snapshots are really important because as you make changes, you can see again how visitor interactions change specifically on different devices.

And this tool helps you evaluate and analyze how people engage within your site. It's a graphical representation of all the places users clicked on your website whether it's a link or a dead click, or they're just reading and they're clicking around on your text, you can see that all within the heatmap.

So how do you analyze heatmaps? Well, we've covered a little bit, but some few tips for you. Make sure that your call to actions are being seen and they're being clicked on. If you're noticing that no one's really looking at them or clicking on them, you can change the placement.

Place the content in the order of importance to your users, just don't place content however you want. If certain parts of your content are more important than others, make sure they're placed in the right areas where people see them.

And track what's going on behind pop-ups or forms or login screens as well so that way you can optimize the whole experience instead of just a little bit of it. And set up a conversion process or pages for success so that way you can truly win.

Then there's a scrollmap within Crazy Egg. And a scroll map is what it sounds like. It shows you what percentage of users scroll where. And it's not what you always think.

You can segment all your traffic within Crazy Egg and see how different audiences interact with your web pages differently. So then you can create different experiences for let's say the paid users versus the organic users.

In essence, the people who are scrolling more tend to be more engaged and you need to figure out what elements you need to place within those peak elements so that way you can maximize your revenue. Then there's also the confetti and overlay reports in Crazy Egg.

Confetti is just like, it looks on the right side. It's all these dots in different colors and the dots represent different traffic sources and you can segment it.

So I recommend that you run an overlay report on Crazy Egg. My favorite part about the overlay is I can see the dead zones, the other clicks. These are that elements that they're clicking on that aren't really clickable that you need to fix so that way you have a better user experience.

One of my favorite features of the list report is anytime that you click on a specific element in the list report it actually brings up the overlay report. So you know what it is and how people are engaging and using the specific element or clicking or experience on your site.

You can run a lot of AB tests, and testing is a continuous process. You always need to iterate and improve. Testing is ideal method for assessing and iterating. So that way you can get early wins. Saves you both time and money.

So how do you optimize your site over time? Again, you need to do tests and analyze the results. You need to feed data into Crazy Egg. You need to use data to drive growth. New drive more leads, sales and customers.

There's this thing that's also called heuristic analysis where you think about how people are engaging with your overall site and what you need to do from a UX interaction design standpoint, to improve everything.

And it's the evolution of CRO and that's where people are going. It's not just based on, oh, what button color should I use or what text? It's about how do you improve the experience for people.

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