Fill-In-The-Blank with Pat Flynn – The Income Stream Day #173

Some of my favorite questions to answer on interviews are structured like this:

"Pat, if you were ___________, how would you ____________?"

So those are the only questions I'm going to answer today on the LIVE show. Something a little different for us today rather than the usual Q&A, or topic-specific show, especially since it's a holiday here in the U.S. (Labor Day).

Hope you're staying cool, safe from fires, and happy and healthy too. I'm grateful for you, whether you're watching live with me today, or watching the replay later. I appreciate you!

I'm live EVERY morning at 9am PT! Make sure you subscribe and come back tomorrow!

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Cheers, and as always, #teamflynnforthewin

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      #teamreplay thanks Pat – Wish I could’ve been here live but appreciate you!

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