Get On Forbes, HuffPost & NYTimes For Free – Module 4 – Lesson 2 – Content Marketing Unlocked

Today is another day of Content Marketing Unlocked. I'm going to be breaking out all the different media outlets you can be using to generate more traffic.


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Media outlets, especially sites like the Forbes, the Huffington post, the New York times, they're all great places to get traffic from, get even sales from, and even get links from.

And now, when you're getting links from these sites and you're using guest posting, which I'm about to cover, you want to make sure you no follow them because you don't want to manipulate Google.

It's simple to get guest posting spots. All you have to do is build a relationship and give value. It comes down to three steps.

The first step is to send them an email, something like, and you want to customize this for your industry, but the email goes something like, Hey John, great article on growing your business through analytics.

Keep in mind, this person is going to usually take your content and ghostwrite it, right? You're not ghost writing for them. In essence, they're introducing you to an editor or someone on their staff, so that way, you can write and build that relationships.

And the goal for you is to become a regular contributor, not just writing one article, but you want to write on a regular basis because this is what builds a strong brand.

The key with guest posting is to build a brand and generate leads.

The next media outlet that I want you to check out is podcasting. And just like blogging, it starts with the topic for, let's say whatever you're interested in, go to Ubersuggest, type in a keyword, it'll show you what's popular, what's not popular, and it'll give you ideas on content. You can even go to the content ideas report in the left-hand navigation. It'll show you all the popular text-based articles on that topic.

When you release these podcast episodes, don't just submit it to the iTunes store, the Android version of it. You also want to send your podcasts out into the web, have your own website, put it on Spotify. These are all places where you can get listens.

If you don't want to create your own podcast, you can get featured on other people's podcasts. What you'll want to do is, and I'm going to go through these pretty quickly, because I have a resource sheet that goes through this in much more detail, but in essence, you're building a list of podcasts you want to get on. You don't want to aim for the biggest ones, the most popular ones like the Joe Rogan podcast is not going to feature you or me. You got to aim smaller and then eventually work your way up.

Another place that you should leverage from a media outlet perspective is social media. Everyone's on the social web. There's so many social sites out there. They're searching for everything, so why not be on them? But there's a lot of them, so which ones are right for you? Well, of course there's Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and YouTube and Pinterest. The list goes on and on.

Eventually you're going to want to work on trying to be on all of them, be Omni channel, but in general, when you're first starting off, pick the ones that are most relevant.

If you're in B2B, LinkedIn is going to have a better audience. If you're in B2C, Facebook could work, or YouTube can work. If you're in an educational space, maybe YouTube will work. So, you've got to figure out what's right for your audience. If you're e-commerce, Instagram is super effective.

Facebook, I know many people think it's ugly and dead, but it's not. They have over 2.2 billion users. It's the largest social network, and they own Instagram as well. Whether you like them or not, you should be on them.

There's also my favorite, which is YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, and if you want to do well on YouTube, check out my blog posts on It's That's, and it breaks down how to rank higher on YouTube, and it gives you all the steps. The big thing to know about YouTube is it's the opposite of traditional SEO. It's not long and steady wins the race. It's the person who gets the most views in the first 24 hours tends to rank the highest over time as well.

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        Keep hustling 🙂

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        It just depends what companies you’ll be working with. If they’re English speaking companies then yes it will be important.

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      Can we get links from the letters to the editor section in these big news outlets?

      • Neil Patel August 20, 2020 at 4:41 pm #

        You can definitely test that route 🙂

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      How to grow on Instagram?

    8. Watercolour Art in Cape Town August 20, 2020 at 2:12 pm #

      Great video, I remember you speaking about this years ago. This is just a reminder to me that I started this process and then got lazy. . . This is definitely an ongoing process (nobody wants to read a guest article from 2012)

      • Neil Patel August 20, 2020 at 4:43 pm #

        Keep hustling! It’s a lot of work but worth it 🙂

    9. Manoj Agadi August 20, 2020 at 2:25 pm #

      Very Good information on Guest Posting, Podcasting, Leveraging Social Media Channels, Influencer Marketing Sir.

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        Thanks so much, Manoj

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      Huffington post , TechCrunch, mashable these all are famous blogs who are making millions please show their strategy.

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        I’ll consider making a post on it 🙂

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    18. Gonzalo Olmedo August 20, 2020 at 7:20 pm #

      Hi Neil, could you elaborate more on this: “when you’re getting links from these sites and you’re using guest posting…you want to make sure you no follow them because you don’t want to manipulate Google”. Does this apply only to big news sites or any blogs or sites guest post on? I was completely unaware this could produce a problem with Google. If you have a resource I could read up on, I’d appreciate it.

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