How to Write Blog Posts That Consistently Rank Well on Google

Are you tired of writing blog posts that just don't get any traffic? Well, what if I said you could spend all your time writing blog posts that continually rank high on Google and get thousands, if not millions of visitors a month? Today I'm going to teach you how to write blog posts that get tons of traffic.


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So, the first thing I want you to do is head on over to Ubersuggest. You can go to And Uber says is a marketing tool that gives you SEO data and stats. I want you to put in a competitor URL.

And once you put in one of those competitors just click the search button and you're going to see something that looks like this. Now this is a traffic overview analysis on Ubersuggest, it shows you the domain, how many keywords they rank for on Google, the roughly monthly traffic. It breaks down things like their domain authority. How many backlinks that they have. And this over here is a chart that gives a rough overview of their traffic. This shows you how many keywords that they're ranking each position.

Now, underneath that you see their top SEO pages, which I'm going to come back to in a bit. And then you see a lot of the keywords that they rank for. So I want you to go back up to their top pages. This is all the popular pages that they're getting traffic for on Google. So I want you to click view the pages that drive traffic to this domain. This breaks out again, their top pages.

And when you look at this you'll see a few View All buttons. One to under backlinks, one's under estimated visits. The one under backlinks shows you all the people that link to that URL. And these are each and every single one of the domains that are linking to that URL, in this case it would be

In addition to that, when you click View All under estimated visits, this shows you all the keywords that the article ranks for and the traffic they're getting. As you can see the rank for a lot of terms related to Google analytics or variations of it, you can keep clicking next, next, next and you'll see more keywords.

What I want you to do is click on over to that URL. So if you just click on the URL, it opens up in a new tab and you can see the blog post. I want you to go through it, read it, spend time. As you can see this one's super detailed. Great. It has a lot of screenshots.

And I want you to do that for the top 20. Believe it or not 20, just do it for 20. Trust me. It works because it sorts of by popularity. If you do it for four or five, right, you're going to get some traffic. You do it for the top 20. It really starts adding up.

Now, when you're going through this process, ignore home pages.

I know it's going to take awhile. Sometimes there's going to be overlap between your competitors. That's okay, but don't rewrite the same page multiple times. So if this one is on 17 Great Search Engines to Use Instead of Google.

And the key is to just go more detailed and better than the competition. And for each article, if you want some extra credit look to see who links to them and do outreach. So for example, this one is from Search Engine Journal, 17 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google.

There's actually a lot more search engines these days, because all the social networks, and there's some really cool strategies that you can do to make sure that you can search the web in a safe way to avoid people snooping on your private information.

I'm not saying Google's snooping, but a lot of people probably don't like using them because they don't want Google to have too much data on them. And that's why I mentioned that in the email.

If you write 200 articles, each article you're able to get three links. That's 600 links. That's a lot, even though each article doesn't have a lot of links, your total site will, and it'll start ranking higher.

So if you use this strategy you'll start writing content that consistently gets traffic, specifically search traffic, which is consistent while with social traffic, you may get a big boost on day one but it typically dies down after.

So you got to keep creating new ways to get more traffic. While with this approach, going after Google, you'll get consistent traffic.

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      Hi everyone just saw this notification about the video and I’m busy watching it.

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      I love the tool you created (Ubersuggest), Neil! I will do a video about the 10 tools that revolutionized my business and definitely Ubersuggest will be there!

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      I think starting a blog is important and don’t expect to get perfect from the day one because nobody is perfect at first.

      It’s a practice and patience which gives the results. It’s also applies on blogging.

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      E A T is not about the academic achievement it’s about to give detailed information to the reader.

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      Please make videos on selecting the micro niche.

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      I can’t write down the all the information in notes so, how to collect all the useful articles of blogging online.

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      How much accurate ubersuggest is?

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      I love the new interface of U.Suggest.

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      Hey Neil, great video. I always put 1 SEO keyword per post and did not realize I should be putting more. Is there a certain amount of keywords per article that you recommend?

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      To rank well you need quality backlinks. To build those I use RankdSEO backlink database which has guides on how to build 950+ of these from high-authority websites.

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      Hey….neil !!!
      Why the long tail keyword data is not show on ubersuggest

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      Ubersuggest is the best and easiest keyword research tool for any newbie in SEO

      Neil Patel’s strategy for marketing and helping people for free has really been taking him places

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