Marketing Color Psychology: The Meaning Behind Colors (And How They Affect Consumers)

Did you know that you can change the color of your website and you can make more money? Seriously. Today, I'm going to break down marketing color psychology: the meaning behind colors and how they affect conversion.



In a study titled "Impact of Color on Marketing," researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments are made about products that can be based on color alone. There are a few things that affect how colors are perceived in marketing.

Look, there's personal preferences. There's individual experiences. There's even culture differences. Colors in India may not appeal to as much as colors in the United States and vice versa. The industry you're selling in also affects it. And the luxury market usually don't see things that are bright neon green. Different genders also, and individuals has their own preferences on color. Colors really aren't universal. And they aren't seen with the same meaning and they aren't perceived in the same way.

So when someone says green means calm or blue means trustworthiness, you need to be careful about whether or not you should apply that to your marketing.

See, in the US, pink is associated with princesses and ballet dancers. While in Japan, pink is a color of cherry blossom and is perceived a bit differently. You should make decisions about color in your marketing and branding. Beyond colors, you need to know from the start what's the core message that you want to communicate through your brand and marketing messages.

Look, what should you be asking yourself? And if possible, do the research and collect feedback to validate, "Hey, is this color appropriate for what I'm selling?" So now that we got all that out of the way, I want to get some tips that'll help you out.

Tip number one: Should you choose colors based on the context that there'll be in? Call to action.

Now, let's think about brand colors. Make sure they align between your brand and personality and the colors that you're choosing, right? Always keep in mind what audience you're targeting, the age groups, the genders, the culture. They'll have a direct impact on the perception of your brand colors.

So headlines. The type of your headline will dictate the type of color you should use. Are you trying to convey urgency? Or are you trying to convey something that's calm, that benefits you, something that's trustworthy? If you're promoting something aggressive, like flash sales, for example, you need to use colors that have a sense of urgency and contrast like yellow and red. Although, yellow against white, not a good combination. And red, depending on your brand colors, red could work really well for your headlines for flash sales. If you're promoting a content piece and you don't need to be very aggressive, you may want to use colors that work seamlessly with your brand like black.

So now let's talk about backgrounds. When you have to pick the background color, make sure it's in contrast with the foreground color.

So now let's dive into tip two. Use colors to help your visitors navigate and flow through the content intuitively. You want to create a sense of hierarchy. Colors help visitors define what's primary information that they should be looking at and what's secondary.

Tip number three: Use Adobe's color wheel to create color palettes. And they blend without having any fashion sense or color sense.

Now, make sure that color palette just fits your brand, your identity, and your marketing goals. And I'll go over a few combinations that'll be useful for you.

Analogous: an analogous color scheme is generally calming and controlled. Use analogous palette when your visual graphics need to transmit a sense of knowledge, but not too much excitement.

Monochromatic, on the other hand, is a color harmony that is made up of various shapes and tints of the same hue. Typically, a good choice when you want to apply branding to a specific campaign you're promoting or a specific product line.

Complementary. Complementary color combinations make things stand out. Opposites attract, right? Complementary colors are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

So tip four: Test several colors. Look, even if you test all the stuff that I give you above and you just make those changes, chances are, you should see improvement in your retention, your conversions, but it doesn't guarantee it.

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      I using black background and mainly white colour text on my blog.

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      I’m expecting this since a long time. Neil. I have done lot of successful in this colour psychology.. few colours made the difference. Ex: orange, green, on BG – rated trusted..

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      Great video, I actually took a course on colors and still found this video helpful and giving new tips!

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