Special ‘HIGH-TICKET’ Interview With Eileen Wilder And Joe Giglietti!

Want to get PAID $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more for your expertise – for EACH client?

Join me LIVE with this high-ticket POWERHOUSE DUO (and Funnel Hacking LIVE speakers) – Eileen Wilder and Joe Giglietti!

Eileen & Joe are entrepreneurs, consultants, and high ticket sales experts who help others turn their passion into PROFIT, and accelerate their revenue! Most people don’t have a high-ticket income stream. And if they do, it’s usually ONE funnel. But Eileen and Joe have taken the High Ticket Application Funnel, and MULTIPLIED it. They have THREE different ways that they sell their high-ticket offers!

They sell premium offers through their 3-day Virtual Events…AND through their Challenges…AND their ½ Day events!

I’m SO excited to interview Eileen and Joe LIVE and hear the story behind how they came up with these 3 different high-ticket paths. They’ll share their exciting plans for FHL – where they’ll actually walk you through how EACH of these 3 high-ticket models work, and how they use these different funnels to sell their premium-priced offers…and how you can do the same inside your own business!

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