27 Content Types For Instagram – Module 1 – Lesson 3 – Instagram Unlocked

Today I'm going to be teaching you about the different types of content that you can post on Instagram and how you can leverage them to go from zero to 100,000 followers.

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There's a lot of different types of content that you can put on Instagram, everything from Stories to giveaways to tutorials to quotes, open-ended questions, even before and afters. A lot of plastic surgery, people love the before and afters. Behind the scenes, promotional posts, brand stories, interviews.

You can even talk about jumping on a trend or user-generated content or even other influencers using your content. Literally the options are endless and it's not going to stop here.

As people come up with new types of content like carousels you're going to see more of those as well. So let's dive into them.

Instagram stories.

Another type of content a lot of people do is giveaways.

Another strategy with giveaways that I love is sponsorships.

I also like using tutorials.

Slides are also known as carousels where you keep sliding next, next, next to get some facts.

Quotes are another form.

You can use videos that feature your product, like if it's a physical product.

You can also have like skits and humor or dancing.

Another form is captions.

Here's one of my favorites as well, open-ended questions.

Promotional posts.

Then of course there's brand story

And one type of content that I constantly see on Instagram is lifestyle images.

Interviews as I mentioned works well too.

And if you want to go live by yourself, you can always do an Ask Me Anything and people can ask you questions. They can be in the comments. It can be done through Live. You can even do stories and have people ask questions there or type something in.

I also like using user-generated content, especially for e-commerce profiles.

Look, if you're going to post on IG you got to make sure your images fit correctly.

You also want to see what times your audience is engaging with you and you want to post during those times.

And you also want to think about your frequency.

And some general things as I mentioned, appropriate size images.

You want to be consistent.

You want to post during optimal time.

You want to post content that your audience wants to see, not just stuff that you want to see.

You want to include call to actions.

You want to tell stories with visual content.

You want to maintain your brand voice and be consistent.

You want to utilize IG Stories to engage your audience, and you want to research appropriate hashtags and use them wisely. Without the hashtags, you won't get as much traffic.

So some other best practices, focus on user-generated content.

Have visual feed, like you want your feed to be very visual, not just text-based stuff.

You want to encourage comments, maybe ask people questions or have them tag a friend.

You want to try using GIFs.

So you need to be true with your brand.

So next week, I'm going to go over how to use automation to get more reach and engagement, how to get more followers, how to make more sales with Instagram, and I'm going to go over case studies as well.

But before I let you go, start mixing and matching the different content types that I discussed today and test what works best for you.

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      Testing is the best approach to figure out what works for you. Consistency is key.

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